Well with the clocks jumping forward an hour in the early morning dawn last Sunday it signified the official start of Summer here in the UK. It may not feel like it at the moment with biting winds and heavy snowfall but April is now upon us and the weather can only get better and warmer right?

So with summer comes the triathlon season, and lighter nights mean more training. I can’t wait to get up and out the door for a couple of hours riding in the morning before work on deserted roads, listening to the dawn chorus. And after work before too long we’ll have light until about 9pm, giving a full four hours for some big cycling miles and the occasional brick session. Its so much better than winter with long hours spent pounding the dark pavements or locked away on the turbo trainer in the cellar. Yeah you build your base over the winter but come on, do any of us really enjoy, and I mean REALLY enjoy those long dark runs or the hamster ball style cycle training?

Getting out on the open roads in sunshine, is what it’s all about for me. Struggling up some hill and then enjoying the view before descending at lightning speed to repeat the process over the next lump in your way. Even open water swimming beats swimming lap upon lap in a pool, granted when it starts again in May it’ll be frightningly cold but it’ll be fun.

I guess summertime to a triathlete,and me in particular, is about racing and enjoying the training out in the open. Winter is about getting the necessary done in a confined space. Give me Summertime anyday !

Now this will shock recent readers of my blog because I’ve actually been swimming this week. Which was a first for this year, I was really apprehensive after injuring my wrist in January. Thankfully there was no ill effects and I actually could remember how to swim. At 7am on Monday morning I had the whole pool to myself as I swam 2100m in just about 43 minutes. It wasn’t fast, it wasn’t pretty but it’s a start and one that I intend to build on as I start my 3 key sessions in each discipline. I just need to get this pesky marathon training out of the way.

On Sunday I met Andy H and did approximately 30 miles on the bike, I’m not sure exactly as the battery died in my cateye computer but it was there or there abouts. I was still recovering from my virus but felt quite good, Andy unfortunately was suffering with his sinuses. Hopefully he’s got that out of his system because he’s off to Belgium this weekend to ride in the Tour of Flanders. Good luck to him.

Tuesday I was away in Chesterfield and Wednesday I did 10 miles on my bike. I fully intended to do more, but I was knackered from the day before and the evil wind was moving my bike about quite a bit. I decided it was better to just turn for home and get there in one piece rather than soldier on and get blown under a truck !

On a sad note this week, my partner in crime, Viking has had to pull out of the London Marathon and the Bala Half Ironman due to injury. I hope you get better soon mate, I know the decision was a hard one….but live to race another day my friend. Get your back sorted and come back stronger.

Right well I hope everyone has a great Easter and eats plenty of chocolate, you can all have mine as I’ve now made it to April without having any this year. Add to that the lack of alcohol and I’m feeling pretty chuffed with myself. I’ll be spending Easter getting some miles in with Lesley in my last big run before London, and hopefully sneaking out on the bike as well.

Happy Easter and safe training.


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