A Cracking Blow

I’d started the year well with several trips to the gym and plenty of running despite the snow. However this week disaster struck.
On Tuesday morning whilst running to work I slipped and fell. Thankfully the well packed rucksack too the brunt of the impact, meaning that my head didn’t bounce off the pavement too badly…still hurt though. Instinctively my hands shot out to protect myself, big mistake. Instant pain in my left hand but I didn’t have time to think about it, picked myself up and ran the rest of the 3 miles to work. As the day went on the pain got worse, stubbornly I ignored colleagues and Em’s advice to go to casualty. Eventually I would drag muyself there on Wednesday morning after the nurse at work sent me. The place was in total chaos, and I actually queued out of the front door to register. The three people in front of me all had broken wrists, victims of the ice. Unfortunately the gobbiest, most common woman Morecambe had to offer came and sat next to me and proceeded to have an hour long domestic with her husband about how much agony she was in and it was all his fault becuase he didn’t bring to hospital the night before. I pretended to be asleep. Later after I got back from x-ray she again sat next to me and through a total toddler paddy, and stormed out after waiting 10 minutes for her crutches. She can’t have been in that much pain, could she ? Prat.
Anyways turns out that I’d managed to crack a small bone in my wrist/hand, thankfully it is “the best possible break” according to the stressed out looking doc, who treated me in the corridoor because there were no free cubicles. My wrist is in a splint and I’ve had it in a sling since. ( Hard work typing this with only one finger! ). Got to keep it that way for two weeks and then hopefully it’ll be healed and back to normal. Aching quite a lot today.
People said that I shouln’t have been running and to a certain extent it was my fault. I figured that the pavements were safe and put my normal shoes on, until that morning I’d been running in my off-road shoes with the extra grips. I’d done over 30 miles without incident, and had actually fallen walking to catch the buson the one day I thought it was too dangerous to run.

So it will be one handed turbo sessions for me for the next two weeks and not much else, apart from a 7 mile walk to work and back each day.

So the year hasn’t got off to the best of starts, It can only get better right?

In other blog related news my good friend Dave The Ex Spartan has started blogging again in his build up to IMUK. The link is on the right, have a read, it’s worth it.

I’ll blog again when my hand is better and it doesn’t take me hours to type this.


One response to “A Cracking Blow

  1. Commiserations Andy, but the good news is it’ll soon be mended and you have plenty of time to get the necessary training in for London and Nottingham.
    After your spill before Christmas and the general frequency at which you and the asphalt come into contact, I was going to suggest that the new Sky Team colours (black and blue) would suit you.

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