Happy New Year

Yeah ok so I’m a few days late but at least it’s still only the first week of January, 2010 and the new decade. Now are we in Twenty Ten or Two Thousand and Ten? Whichever way you call it I hope all of you have a good one, health, happinness and good racing to one and all.

Before I talk about what the year holds for me I’s like to reflect for a moment on the past twelve months and share some of my highs and lows, if you’re a regular reader then these will probably be familiar to you.
2009 Low Points
Falling apart in the marathon at IMDE – getting off the bike I felt confident that with a steady run of 4 hours that I would go under 12 hours for the event. The excessive heat and to a certain extent my mental state as a result of it saw me run the slowest marathon of my life.
Missing a 1ok pb by just 10 seconds in April in Lancaster – if I’d known how close I was I’d have found 11 seconds from somewhere.
Newcastle being relegated from the Premiership, a sad day indeed….but we were crap!
Andy H getting injured and not training together as much.

2009 High Points
IMDE – For many reasons : Seeing Viking complete his IM dream, meeting Macca and Faris, New pb, awesome experience, the pain and the emotion has made me stronger, I’ve learn’t from my mistakes and will be back stronger. Ending up on a drip showed I’d pushed myself to the very limit, I couldn’t ask for more.
Family – Once again the amazing support of my ‘IronWidow’ Em. None of what I do or achieve would be possible without her. From getting up at daft o’clock to watch me race, listening to geeky stuff and most importantly proof reading. She’s a star. My mam and dad – I’ve never been so proud as I was in Frankfurt when they ‘finally’ got to see me finish an Ironman race.
COLT – The club just went from strength to strength in it’s first year and it was a massive honour to win the award for outstanding contribution to the club for my work on the website.
Pb’s – I recorded personal bests in every triathlon I raced in during 2009, I can’t ask any more than that.
Non Triathlon – Got an amazing new job. Achieved a life long ambition ( since about the age of 7 ) to dive with a great white shark ( several of them actually ). Aldo dived with Nile crocodiles, raced a cheetah ( and lost ) and did the worlds highest bungee jump ( 216m ).

SO all in all not a bad year……..oh yeah there was one other high

Writing this blog has led me to sign a book deal to tell my story. Amazing stuff really and totally unexpected, I mean people work for years to write a book and mine, Can’t Swim, Can’t Ride, Can’t Run was written and contract signed in six weeks.  It was an exhausting experience and I worked solidly on it, determined to make it a success. I couldn’t have done it without the help of Em, Andy H, Dave, Viking, Min and Loon who all offered advice on facts etc….

So as I was saying 2009 was a year of highs for me, 2010 will have to go some to beat it but I’m determined it will and here’s why.

2010 Goals and wishes

  • A new pb at the Outlaw Ironman in Nottingham in August. 12:30 will be a great day at the office, 11:59 will be an amazing day…….watch this space.
  • Finally getting my hands on a London Marathon medal in April. Seems hard to believe that this isn’y my A race and that I’m not bothered about a time. I’ll be aiming to peak in August not April.
  • To finally go under 40 minutes for 10k. Hopefully I’ll be able to carry my IM fitness through till December where I’ll hope to record a new pb on the fast Ulverston 10k course.
  • To sell loads of books and hopefully have my blog readers and the general public enjoy it. The first time I see it in a shop will be amazing. Then it will all seem real.
  • To hopefully come across as a down to earth, yet fiercely ambitious in any interviews I give. Sometimes Triathletes can come across as arrogant and up themselves, I don’t want to be one of them.
  • To improve my bike climbing ability.
  • To shift the extra weight that I’m carrying. Lighter = Faster……SIMPLES !

All of the above are achievable with a lot of hard work and dedication, but I’m up for it. I’ve started the year with a resolution to give up alcohol, chocolate and flapjack ( a weakness at work ) until after the Outlaw, that’s 8 months and 8 days….wish me luck. I’ve also started the year off with an hour in the gym and four runs, although the lethal ice made it scary and slow ( almost 10 min miling ). It felt so good to be out there again. If you do venture out wrap up warm and take care.

So have a great 2010, I intend to have the best year yet.
2010 The Year of Ironholgs !


One response to “Happy New Year

  1. Good blog – Happy New Year. If you can beat 2009 then you will have a bunch of life long readers, and should probably go onto life coaching! All the best

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