Merry Christmas

It’s that time of year again where we all kind of over indulge a little, and secretly hope that Alberto Contadors climbing ability has been bottled up and is waiting under the christmas tree. Yep that’s the one in the snowman wrapping paper sat next to the bottle’s containing Craig Alexanders running strength, Richard Stannards power in the water and Chrissie Wellington’s enthusiasm.  Or is that just me?

The weather and injury have played havoc with the last couple of weeks training for me. A week last Sunday I was out enjoying a glorious Sunday morning on the bike with Andy. It was the first time we’d been out in ages due to work and family commitments, writing commitments and the bloody awful November weather. It was very icy and bitter cold but it was one of those mornings when the heat of your lingering breath six inches in front of you kept your spirits up. One of those mornings when it feels great to be alive, and the bike is the only thing that matters. Andy had just finished telling me about his ecounter with Alexander Burke ( he’s a big x-factor fan……I worry about him at times ! ) up in Peterhead. It’s a wonder he’d still want to ride with me after rubbing shoulders with such a famous karaoke singer. I’d just finished laughing at his description of Peterhead ( unrepeatable here ) when disaster struck. Going into a blind bend my back wheel just disapeered from under me, I’d hit a patch of black ice. I hit the tarmac hard and slid around the bend on the wrong side of the road. It all happened so quickly, thankfully there wasn’t anything coming the other way or I would probably have been killed. The other good thing was that there was enough distance between me and Andy that I didn’t take him out as well. I’d thought I’d broken my elbow or wrist as the pain was quite intense, thankfully I hadn’t. Once I felt up to it I got back on the bike and we rode gingerly back to Andy’s where he put my bike in his car and got me home. Stripping off the layers, and the torn jacket I discovered that despite 3 layers I’d taken about 6 inches of skin off my left arm from my elbow towards my wrist. I also had a sore wrist, road rash on my knee and a deep purple bruise on my hip. It was such a shame because as I’ve said it was a really fun ride.

Subsequently with sore legs and arms that was my training for the week gone. I don’t know how the hell the professional cyclists get back on their bikes and cycle through massive distances and altitudes at the likes of the Tour de France? I could hardly grip my cars steering wheel the next day and it hurt like hell changing gear.

We were planning on getting out this past Sunday as well as I’d recovered but we woke up to a generous blanket of snow. It wasn’t even safe out for a car let alone a bike.  So to be honest I just had a rest day, I’d played 2 hours of badminton on the saturday and figured at this stage of the season a rest wouldn’t kill me.  I’ve also played badminton today and set up the Roo on the turbo, looking forward to a  Christmas Eve turbo session, and I’m hoping that the ice and snow has disapated by Christmas day so that I can get out for a run around Walney Island.

A few significant events happened since my last post. My amazing wife Em turned 31, I finished editing the photos and the comments for the book, and did an interview with a national magazine about the book. Also significantly two of my mates committed themselves to massive events in 2010. First of all Dave the Ex-Spartan signed up for Ironman UK 2010. He’ll be strutting his stuff around Bolton  the sunday before the Outlaw next August, I expect great things from him. And Andy H, Thurnham’s answer to George Hincappe will be battling his way around one of the Belgium classics. He’ll be racing around 140km of cobbles, hills and drunken belgians as he competes in the Tour Of Flanders Cyclesportive. Good luck to them both.

So all that remains now is to wish you all a very Merry Christmas. Enjoy it……it’ll soon be New Year and we’ll be up to our necks in training again.

Merry Christmas Everyone


3 responses to “Merry Christmas

  1. Thurnham’s answer to George Hincapie here, really nice blog, glad you’re on the mend, hate to be picky but it’s Alexandra Burke (she’s not a bloke!)

  2. Even I didn;t think AH had started fancying blokes…….
    Have a great Chrismas to all Holgs readers

  3. oops sorry…..can you tell I’m not an x-factor fan.
    Alexandra Burke it is….and she’s a girl.

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