Top Banana

Where the hell has this year gone? It’s the first of December and we are only another 30 days away from another year, I must be getting old. That’s what my legs have been telling me this week, they’ve been creaking a bit as I’ve been running. As a result I eased back on the training a bit and only put in a 25 mile running week, I actually feel better for it as well. I think lately I’ve been running myself into the ground withe essentially fulfilling two jobs at work, working on the book and trying to fit in some training.

The book is coming along well, I’ve been choosing photographs to go in it. I’m allowed upto 40, which will probably be on colour plates in the centre of the book. I put all the ones I had that I thought complemented the story in a folder and discovered there was 120 !! So I’m in the process of discarding 80, it’s harder than you would imagine. I quite like Vikings suggestion that we discard everone else and only have photos of Min and Em, he was trying his best to be ‘smooth’ when he described them as the “good looking ones”. This photo editing brought another problem to light – I couldn’t find our official wedding photos cd….I was doomed to spend the rest of my nights in the cellar ! After spending hours searching the house from the cellar to the attic we still couldn’t locate the missing cd, thankfully we know the photographer and yesterday a replacement disc was handed to me ( thanks Richard & Abi ). Crisis over !!

So whilst I was up in the loft I got down the Christmas decorations as well, thought I’d continue the Christmas theme of the weekend. Saturday, driving back from Chesterfield we encoutered snow and Saturday night it was the COLT Christmas Social.

It’s official I am now a lightweight when it comes to alcohol. Three pints of Erdinger ( the German beer that I got after IMDE ) and I was a bit drunk. Great night catching up with clubmates and having a laugh. I was very honoured to win the Captain’s prize for Outstanding Contribution to the Club for my work on the COLT website. A real honour, of which I’m very proud. The prize is cracking : A cuddly Banana from Blackpool fun fair i.e. “The Top Banana”. We don’t take ourselves too seriously, but as the banana was won by John Knapp last year for his achievement in Kona qualification I’m following in illustreous footsteps.

Got this week off to a good start with a five mile run on this beautiful crisp and clear winter morning. I love running when the air is so clear and cold that your cheeks get a warm blast as you run through the air you’ve just breathed out, getting a warm glow. The frost on the ground crunching under your feet, whilst you avoid the patches of ice. It makes me feel alive and I love it, and lets face it people it makes a bloody nice change from all the wet weather we’ve been having.

Hopefully I’ll have a race report for you next week as I plan to finish off the year at the Christmas Pudding 10k race in Ulverston, it won’t be fast, and I won’t win but it’ll put a nice end to the week that I started as the Top Banana!!


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  1. Isn’t it time this was updated ?

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