BIC Codes and a bit of running…

I had every intention of running this weekend when I went up to visit my parents however the weather in Cumbria put pay to that. The wind and rain on Walney Island was coming in horizontal bursts that actually saw my car rocking parked on the drive. I wouldn’t have lasted 5 minutes out there – which is a great shame because Biggar Bank ( the beach below ) is one of my favourite places to run in the world. I love running by the sea, the rythm of the waves numbs out any pain you may be feeling and I find it almost therpaputic. Living away from the sea now ( granted it’s only about 6 miles away ) I miss it.

Me and Dad walking on Biggar Bank

A cumbrian sunset on Biggar Bank, Walney Island


This got me thinking about some of my other favourite runs, and they all seem to be along beaches or near the sea. Running along the cliff tops this summer in De Kelders, South Africa watching the Southern Right Whales and their calfs has to be the most spectacular training run I’ve ever done. Running along Crosby beach as the sun sets and the tide comes in covering the Ironmen of Andrew Gormleys ‘Another Place’ is another sight to behold. Sunrise on Treasure Island beach in Florida makes you feel alive as you run along trying to avoid the waves chasing your feet. Running along the tree lined Canal du Midi and through the deserted vinyards around Beziers in the South of France was amazing, going for ten miles without seeing another soul. I’ve been extremely privilidged to run in some awesome places. I never travel abroad without my running shoes and always try to run whereever I go. I’ve ran in Asia, Africa, Europe, Australia, and North America. Just need to run in South America and Antartica and I’ll have the full set, although it’s highly unlikely.

I’d love to hear about some of your favourite runs?

Back to reality though and the past week was spent running around the rain drenched streets of Lancaster. I managed to complete a 45 mile week running twice a day over 4 days. On Wednesday the rain was so bad, and the path to work was so flooded that I had to pour water out of my shoe into the sink at work when I arrived. I was soaked to the skin, and the irony was that I’d been listening to the MP3 player and “Sunshine on a Rainy Day” by Zoe had come on. “Pissing it down on a stormy day” would have been more apt.

I can’t complain though, at least unlike some of my fellow Cumbrians I still had a house to go back to. What’s been going on with the floods in my home county is heartbreaking, I hope those affected get all the help they need.

So….the title of this post mentions BIC codes? Nope they aren’t money off vouchers for razors, a BIC code is a Book Industry Communication code. These codes act a bit like classmarks in libraries ( he’s talking shop again !! ) identifying the subject of the book. Triathlon for example has the BIC code : WSKQ.  These codes allow booksellers like Amazon and Waterstones to put the book in the correct category. Unfortunately my book was given the wrong BIC code so it doesn’t appear in the triathlon/ multi-sport/ running lists instead it appears under extreme sports with the likes of survival expert Bear Ghylls ( not bad company ). So myself and my publisher Know The Score Books are trying to get the BIC code changed so that it makes it easier for people to just find the book by browsing….and this hopefully will raise some more sales.

The book has now recorded sales in France, Germany, Canada, USA and made it to the top of a preorder list for extreme sports on Amazon. Indulge me in the photo below as It will be the only time you see my name at the No1 spot…..I mean it’s never going to happen in a race.

The only time you'll see me in first place.


Rest day today as I’m off to Manchester tonight to see Talor Swift in concert, part of my birthday pressie from Em. Oh yeah I turned 37 on Friday……getting old now !


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