Legs working again.

After my half marathon efforts my legs were really sore, it caused much ‘piss-taking’ in our house as I was having to walk up the stairs using my hands as well as my feet. It really confused the cat !

I’d arranged to play my mate Martin at Badminton after work on the Tuesday, this is my regular dose of humility as he’s very good and always kicks my arse. He was recovering from swine flu so was way below par, which probably explains why I won the first game and was 8-2 up in the second only to eventually lose the match by two games to one. We are playing again tonight so I’m fired up and ready to try and run him close again.

After badminton my legs were aching but I was determined to run home and start off my recovery – so that’s just what I did. It took my 30 minutes to run the 3.5 miles home, very slow but it served the purpose, my legs were working again.

The true test came on Wednesday when I met my COLT mates for a club running session. Four of us turned up, Simon, John T and a new guy who’s name escapes me but who had ran 1:39 in the half so he was better than me. The session was 2 mile warm up and then 3 x 1 mile fast with 2 min recovery, and a 2 mile warm down. I really had been in two minds to go along or not as my legs were still sore especially my hamstrings. I’m really glad that I did as the session was hard work but fun. I was over cautious on the first rep and ran 7:45, nothing pulled, snapped or broke down so I thought sod it and ran properly on the next two. Miles of 6:45 and 6:50 followed. Very pleased with that effort. And my legs felt perfect the next day so maybe the key to recovery is a hard session a few days later ??

The rest of the week I got two further runs in of 5 miles covered in 40 minutes. I also met my bike mechanic on Friday night and he helped to fit new brake calipers to my road bike, I had gotten so far and then discovered that I didn’t actually own any wire cutters!! So a quick trip to ‘Thurnham Cycles’ and my bike is ready for winter, just need to fit the mud guards tonight.

Saturday I was working and then staright after we drove down to Chester to meet up with my Pirate buddies for a meal. It was great to see Viking, Dave, Min, Loon and partners. We had a laugh about how 3 or 4 years ago we used to meet in Liverpool city centre, drink lots and go clubbing until 4am, now we meet in a Cheshire country pub for a meal and are on our way home just after 11am – the rock n roll lifestyle of triathletes !!!



One response to “Legs working again.

  1. I note the demotion, once domestique and now bike mechanic!!

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