Busy, Busy, Busy

Well the dust has well and truely settled on IMDE and I’ve come down off cloud nine now.

The lack of new posts has been down to me having a new job that took up a lot of my time, a lack of serious training and some exciting developments – read below.

I’ve been busy writing a book based on my blog and my exploits over the last few years, the exciting news is that it will be be published in June 2010 all being well. I’ll let you all know nearer the time a date. I’m so excited about it, I never set out with the intention of this blog being anything more than a bit of fun. It’s flattering that people have said reading it has inspired them to run, bike, swim etc… and I’m pleased about that. So watch this space folks.

In racing news I’ll be busy in 2010 as I’ll be doing the Virgin London Marathon for the first time in April, and then in August I’ll be battling my way around the Outlaw Ironman race in Nottingham. I’ll be joined at both races by my cousin Mike making both his marathon and Ironman debuts. In London we’ll be joined by Lesley and Viking, so that’s incentive for me to get my arse in gear and do some training. If either of those two beat me I’ll never live it down.

Over the past few weeks I’ve been out running with fellow COLT Stuart Foy, as we’ve been preparing for this sunday’s Lancaster Half Marathon. We’ve built up to about 15 miles which is good going, especially when you consider that Stu hadn’t ran more than 8 miles before.

So I’m ready and excited about next year, I’m aiming for a sub 12 hours at Nottingham, I wasn’t good enough in Germany for that, the heat destroyed me but hopefully it’ll be a bit cooler on home soil. Its going to be a long hard winter and I hope you enjoy reading about my exploits.

I started today off by running to work, 3.5 miles and I intend to run for about an hour after work. Hope the wind dies down, it was tough this morning.

Wish me luck !


3 responses to “Busy, Busy, Busy

  1. You’ve kept the half-marathon training quiet!! I thought you were busy inside writing your book…. Anyway, glad to see the blogs up & running again. See you on Sunday morning (it’s bound to be raining!)

  2. Always enjoy the blog – look forward to the book!

  3. Welcome back! I for one have missed your commentary and look forward to its resumption
    Best of luck for Sunday

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