7 days….

Well this journey to Ironman Germany is almost over, its been a long 12 months but its flown by. I sit here just waiting to go, everything else seems irrelevant now, my game face is on and I’ ready to race.

The last couple of weeks have been very frustrating with my knee injury but to many peoples surprise ( Mam, Em and Pam mainly ) I’ve taken a very sensible approach to it and rested and not tried to push things at all. Icing the knee and taking it very easy seems to have paid off because I’m feeling fit and pain free.

The last few weeks my training partner, Andy H, has helped me get back out on my bike and kept me on the straight and narrow by controlling the pace and keeping it flat. And on Thursday we ran together as I tested the knee, it was slow and steady and short, about 3 and a bit miles in 28 minutes. Recently Andy has put his training needs behind mine to nurse me back to fitness and I’m very appreciative of that. I couldn’t get a better domestique !!

I’ve cleaned the bike, just need to dismantle it tomorrow and pack it up ready for its journey to Germany. Bit nervous about flying with it but its a risk you have to take. Made a list of other stuff I need to take ( Ironmin would be proud of me !! ) and its quite comprehensive. Triathlon isn’t a simple sport, you need so much crap, especially for an Ironman.

The last couple of Sundays I’ve been watching from the sidelines as my Germany bound partner in crime, Viking, and my cousin Mike have been competing.

 It was the Liverpool Olympic last week and I had entered, but pulled out because of the knee injury, to be honest I probably could have done it but it wasn’t worth the risk. Viking had a briliant swim, probably helped by “The most minging water I’ve ever swam in!” He then stormed the bike and ran his first sub 50 minute 10k in 10 years to smash his pb by a massive 42 minutes !! He finished in 2:55. Given Vikings massive improvements lately it will be a good battle between the two of us in Frankfurt. I’m pretty certain I’ll have to work hard on the bike to bring him back, I fully expect to follow him out of the water. Two years ago he dropped out of the Ironman with an injury, this year he’s going to become an Ironman, and he’ll do it with a constant smile. I predict this is the year of the Viking !!

Viking on his way to a new pb at Liverpool

Viking on his way to a new pb at Liverpool

Mike was racing in the “A Day in the Lakes” triathlon this morning. This half ironman race has to be the toughest out there with a 2000m swim in Ullswater, a 56 mile bike course taking in Kirkstone Pass and Shap, and a killer 13.1 mile fell run which by all accounts was a scramble in places. This was Mikes second triathlon, his previous one was a sprint.

He passed us near the summit of Kirkstone and was riding really well. He was that quick that myself and my mam and dad almost missed him ! He completed the bike leg in 3.20 and the swim in under 40 minutes. Running is Mikes strong point but he wasn’t suited to the run course and clocked a 2 hr + time. He finished in 6:20, now if he gets in a flat race, I’m pretty certain he’ll go somewhere between 5 and 5 1/2 hours……and he could easily make the jump to Ironman.

Mike powers up Kirkstone Pass like its a spped bump !!

Mike powers up Kirkstone Pass like its a spped bump !!

It was great stood on the fell side cheering on my fellow COLT club mates as Andrew McCracken, Cpt Mason, Simon Devereux and Peter Clarkson came flying past, and Calf from the Pirates, lots of Tri talkers and many more. It was good fun supporting but its time to put down the camera and put on the racing gear, after all I’m a Pirate Ironman, its what I do !!


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