3 weeks today…

Hopefully I’ll be in the final few miles of the marathon in Frankfurt.

It’s been a rollarcoaster few weeks in the Ironholgs household with my very clever wife, Em, passing her teaching qualifications after 18 months of hard work, I got a new job, I smashed my sprint triathlon pb and unfortunately fell and injured my knee…

Just after my last blog post in May I slipped on wet step and landed hard on the pavement, my right knee took all the impact and was very painful. I couldn’t train for a few days and it was going to be touch and go if I would be able to compete in the Nantwich sprint triathlon. I did a test run on the Friday before the race and I felt strong so I decided to race.

We got up really early as I was in the pool at 9:30, 40 seconds ahead on my partner in crime, Viking. I got in the pool and despite some leaking goggles, and getting mixed up in my lap counting ( too many in one lane ) I was out of the pool and on the bike in about 10:30.

This was the first time the Roo had been used in anger, and I just put it in the big ring and went for it. I felt really strong and despite a near miss with a tractor and trailer that saw my back wheel leave the tarmac I finished the 20k route in 39 minutes, averaging over 20mph and taking a couple of minutes off my previous course best.

I got lost in T2 and took a minute or so to find my running shoes. Got them on and headed out on the first of four laps of the 5k course. Had lots of screaming pirate support shouting at me ( Em, Loon, Aitch, Silent Assasin and Mrs Viking and Jordan Viking ), this spurred me on to complete the course in 21 minutes. I finished strong and fresh almost 3 1/2 minutes inside my pb in 1:11:23. I was 89th out of 525 men.

The pirate pbs kept on coming that day as Viking took almost 4 minutes off his time, he’s going to be strong in Frankfurt as well, and will become an Ironman without any doubt. Farnie, Mrs Viking and Callycat all smashed their pbs but the performance of the day had to go to Aitch who took 10 minutes off her time from September.

The germany bound Ironmen, me and Viking

The germany bound Ironmen, me and Viking

The day after I had a presentation / interview that saw me get a big promotion, 2 days later Em got her results and the Ironholgs household was buzzing. But by Saturday the good luck had ran out….

I went for a long steady run along the canal, about 30 mins into my run the knee I’d fallen on gave way and I was in agony. I limped home and on orders from Em went to casualty. I was sat there in pain and thinking that my Ironman dream was over….thankfully it wasn’t. I’ve got a bad bone bruise in my femur, basically the bone is bleeding inwards. I’ve been resting it now for 7 days, icing, strapping and taking pain killers…..it’s doing my head in !! However it does feel better, so hopefully in 3 weeks it should be fully healed.

This coming week I’ll be venturing back on the bike and swimming again, I won’t be running though. So the Liverpool Olympic on Sunday is looking doubtful – I may do the swim and bike and then step off the course. We’ll just see how this week goes before making a decision, but I have to look at the bigger picture.

So with 3 weeks to go I face the possibility that I may be walking the marathon in Frankfurt, I’d hoped for about 12 hours, now I just want to make it there and home in one piece ! I am an Ironman, and will not be quitting !!

And finally….congratulations to my cousin Mike who had a great race this morning at the Morecambe 10k to finish in 37:26. Now providing he can get in and out of his wetsuit ( that’s a whole different story ) without passing out he should have a storming race at the Day in the Lakes 1/2 Ironman race in a couple of weeks.

So keep your fingers crossed for me that my knee holds up.


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