Another race.

Its been a mixed couple of weeks really, with two good weekends of training and racing sandwiching a bad week of illness.

This past weekend I travelled home to Barrow and took part in the Dalton Charter 10k Road Race on Friday night. I’d really not trained all week because I had a sore throat but on Thursday I started to feel better and because I’d pre entered and paid I decided I would race. Its a pretty tough course with lots of sharp hills, and a wet start and finish on a cricket pitch, throw in some cobbles for good measure and you get the picture !

Warmed up with Mike and felt ok. The race started and I felt as if I wasn’t running as last as I did at lancaster, so I got a shock when I went through the first mile in 5:50 ( talking to mike afterwards we both thought it was short ). Got a boost at the top of the long drag up Mill Brow when my family shouted their support, I then turned into the country lanes for the next 4 miles of “big dipper” running, up and down followed by more up and down. I managed to put in a strong finish and finished in 42:50, which I was very pleased with as it was 2 minutes quicker than my previous best on that course. Mike had a great run to finish in 37:58.

Dalton Results

Talking after the race myself and Mike decided to get out on our bikes the next day for a couple of hours. I’d brought the Roo through with me to test fitting it into my dads car for transporting to Germany ( it fits !! ). We set off at a steady pace and were both quite pleased that our legs weren’t as stiff as we were expecting. Heading along the coast road I got my first puncture on the Roo, and unlike the tyres on the Giant I had the tube changed in a  matter of minutes. I took longer to get air into the tube than it did to replace it. We then got some decent riding in as we headed up to Ulverston, having ridden for an hour we turned round and headed back. About half way home I noticed my left foot was wobbling a lot and that I couldn’t change onto the big ring. I stopped to adjust my cleat and discovered that my bottom bracket appeared to be knackered, I could push both cranks in and out of the frame by about 3cm. We cycled home gently and I didn’t dare put any pressure on the pedals incase they fell off. The bike is still under gaurantee and has done less than 300 road miles, so its going back to Royles on Saturday to get repaired. The bright side is that hopefully the problem will be solved by Germany and didn’t happen when I was half way round the course !!

Sunday morning me and Mike went out for a long run, trying to keep a steady Hr of around 140 to make sure it was an easy run. Chatting away we had to real the pace back in a couple of times but overall it was a steady comfortable run. We completed 12.5 miles in 1:39 which I’m really pleased with because my half marathon pb is only that, and that was conmpleted at flat out racing pace. So it bodes well for Frankfurt.

The previous weekend I’d really ramped up the milage with a 2.5 hour run on Friday night ( almost 19 miles ) at an easy pace, an 85 mile bike ride on the Saturday morning through Dent, Sedburgh, Hawes and Ingleton, which included almost 5000ft of climbing, and a 50 mile bike ride on the sunday morning.

So with 9 weeks to go I’m feeling really strong and confident and looking forward to racing more over the coming weeks as I finalise my preparations for the race of my life in Frankfurt.


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