First Race of the Season

I had been hoping to race at the Skipton Triathlon on Sunday morning but unfortunate family circumstances meant that I couldn’t enter that race. As a last minute thought, I basically decided about 2 hours before hand, I decided to race in the Lancaster 3 bridges 10k race.

It had been almost a year since I ran in my last road race ( Hamburg Marathon ), my last running race had been on the sands of Morecambe Bay. I’d been running well in training and on the tuesday night I’d ran 10 miles in 1:08 and Thursday I put in a speedy 8 miles, so I was keen to see how I’d perform. I was so relaxed about the race that I didn’t even check in my old training logs what my 10k pb was, that was a mistake with hindsight !

The race is fairly flat until you get to just after the 3 mile mark where there are 50+ steep stone steps that lead up to the canal aqueduct across the River Lune. 193 runners set off and I was running relaxed and strong, I was suprised when I reached the first mile in 6:10 and I felt like I was just on a training run. I crossed the Millenium bridge just before the 2 mile mark and got a shout from a couple of COLT members on their bikes on the way back from the sunday ride.

crossing Millenium bridge just before 2 miles

crossing Millenium bridge just before 2 miles

I reached the 3 mile mark in 19 minutes and it was at that point I realised I was on for a decent time, that’s when the steps came into play. I bounded up the first lot and the guy in front of me had stopped to walk, there was no way past. I passed him at the top and my quads were on fire, and my stride was a little off as I tried to readjust. A couple of guys past me ( the only two that did in the race ) as we headed down through Skerton. We hit the 5th mile marker and I pushed on feeling strong, but my legs faded a bit in the last 1/2 mile. A lap of the track to finish and I came home in 25th place in a time of 41:32.  I actually thought I’d ran a pb but when I got home and checked I’d missed out by 10 seconds, if I’d checked earlier and known what to aim for you can bet I would have been round that track at least 11 seconds quicker than I was !!

Heading for home at 5 miles

Heading for home at 5 miles

I’m very pleased with the result and the time, it shows that I’m pretty fit as I haven’t ran that fast for 5 years, and then I was training solely for road races. Now my training is geared towards endurance rather than speed, and across the 3 disciplines, not just the one. I guess it shows that cross training helps.

Spurred on by that performance I’ve entered the Dalton 10K next Friday night, I don’t expect a pb as its a tough, hilly course but hopefully I’ll run well. And the best thing there are no steps !!

The rest of my training has been going well with some quality bike sessions and plenty of swimming sessions with drills. I’m hoping the fine weather holds out for the rest of the day so I can get out on the Roo after work for a couple of hours.

Well done to Andy, Gareth and Andrew Holme who all had good races at Skipton on Sunday. Andy did well to finish in a decent time despite taking a wrong turning and ending up down in Skipton town centre on the bike. Gareth took the honours in the 2009 “Holme Championship” well done Gareth.

Full results can be found here : Skipton Results


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