A Tale of two bike rides…

I set out on Saturday morning with the COLT A group and this week I managed to keep up with them for more than about half a mile. We set off at a brisk pace at 7am surrounded by black clouds. Out through Caton and onto Kirkby Lonsdale ( never been into the village – it looked quite nice ). The road then continued to rise all the way into Kendal, hills aren’t my strong point and I was very grateful that Andrew McCracken stayed with me and paced me back upto the group.

I’d made my decision to leave them at Kendal as they were heading to Windermere, Hawkshead and over Cartmel Fell. I’d managed to keep up for just under 30 miles. I turned at the leisure centre and headed towards Natland, immediately into a strong headwind, which stayed with me for most of the rest of my ride. I headed back through Milnthorpe, down to Sandside, Arnside, Silverdale before climbing back up through Yealand, Carnforth and the Kellets.  I got back to Lancaster and then headed south to Glasson and on through Garstang to Hambleton. The wind from Garstang to Hambleton was gale force and I struggled to reach over 11 mph on the flat. Turning through Pilling however was wonderful and I flew back along the coast at speeds between 25-29 mph. Like a fool I then turned back into the wind as I headed through Cockerham and Scorton before finally climbing back into Lancaster by Quernmore. I was tired, but not knackered, I could have continued. I’d covered 95 miles in 6:04.

The night before in the pub my friends had been in hysterics laughing at my tales of wearing compression socks in bed to help my legs recover. Good job I’m thick skinned and I have a VERY UNDERSTANDING WIFE ! Anyways I put them on and they did their job because on Sunday I woke up ready to lead the Club C ride and my legs felt great.

Sunday morning about 18 of us set off haeding towards Burton-in-Kendal. Myself and Andy H were at the back as I had to make sure I was the last marker. We approached the junction at Borwick and disaster struck, Steve who was riding immediately in front of myself and Andy touched wheels with another rider. Steve and his bike were catapulted about 6ft into the air, it was very spectacular. He came crashing down onto the tarmac violently. Another Andy who was with us is an A&E consultant and he immediately diagnosed a broken collarbone. An ambulance was called and Steve went off to hospital. Myself, Andy and Ian waited to make sure his bike and his brother in laws bike was picked up safely by his wife. Once we’d sorted that myself, Andy and Ian headed back via Yealand to lancaster. It was a rather subdued 30 miles. Steves broken his collar bone in two places and is looking touch and go for Ironman Lanzarotte in 8 weeks, I wish him a speedy and full recovery.

The incident brought it home to me how dangerous cycling can be and how important it is never to get on a bike without a helmet ( although that’s a personal choice and I don’t think it should be Law ).

The rest of my week had been pretty good as well training wise. Tuesday I ran 10 miles and swam at masters. Wednesday I did 25 miles on the Roo and was really flying along in the aero position. Thursday I went to the athletic club with Lesley and managed a 2 mile TT IN 12:10, very pleased with that.

I’ve had Monday and Tuesday off from Training, Monday was scheduled and Tuesday was just one of those days where Life got in the way. I didn’t realise until the last minute that I was working till 10pm BUT I’ll make up for it in the remainder of the week.


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