A week ending with less energy than a flat battery !!

It’s been a bit of a mixed bag this week, I’ve put a few decent sessions together but I’ve really felt dead legged and lethargic. I guess its two weeks of hard training catching up with me.

My rest day was Monday but I still ended up walking to work and back which is a total of 7 miles, which probably isn’t the best policy for resting your legs. Tuesday morning I went to the gym and noticed they were doing called the gym triathlon…..well I couldn’t resist. The first leg was rowing 2000m on the concept 2, I managed that easily and I beat the best time by about 20 seconds before moving onto the treddie to run a mile. I was pleasantly suprised to bang out a mile in 6:03 which again was about 30 seconds fater than the next guy. Can you tell my competative juices were flowing? Finally I jumped onto the bike and did a mile in 2:30. So at the moment I’m leading that little competition, just a bit of fun really.

Tuesday night I went along to the Masters swimming session, it was a tough workout, by the end of it my legs were certainly aware they’d worked hard. It must have done me good.

Wednesday was a big running day as I put in 10 miles in 1:20, again I felt strong and felt I could have continued running. My legs again didn’t thank me on Thursday morning though ! They were repayed with  a repeat of Tuesdays swimming session before work.  After work I met up with Lesley and we went along to the athletic club to do a pyramid session ( 1min, 2 min, 3 min, 2 min, 1 min  repeat twice with the same rest in between sets ). I was running strongly and my calf held up well as myself and fellow COLT Dave Worthington were pushing each other hard. By the end of the session I was all in, not quite ready to throw up but getting there. I tret myself to a rest day on Friday, well I manged to wreck my thumbs fitting a new continental gator skin tyre. It had all the flexibility of steel and there was no way I could get the bloody thing on the wheel without the tyre levers as recommended.I’ve not actually heard of nayone yet being able to do that ?? I had fitted new rim tape and it seemed to have cured my puncture problems of the previous week.

I was up at 6am on Saturday morning and left the house at 6:40 to meet up with the COLT A riders. It was unbelievably cold. Capt. Richard had turned up with his new bike and he set a blistering pace  from the start. The other 6 riders had dropped me within 1/2 a mile and I was doing 19 mph, I just couldn’t get my legs to work. By the time we’d gone past Caton they were out of sight and I was on my own cycling into a strong biting head wind, it was tough. The ride was up to Sedbrough, across to Hawes and then back via Ingleton. I got upto Kirkby Lonsdale and turned round. I’d managed to get 32 miles in but felt wiped out – I’ve since heard the ride back was like a time trial with average speeds on the flat of 25mph. A bit demoralising to get dropped so easily and it brought it home to me that the A riders are in a different class to me BUT it gets me out training and it can only make me stronger in the long run.

Sunday I met Andy and the rest of COLT for the B and C ride. Set off well but as we left Caton towards Quernmore Andy had problems with his mudguard catching and his gears slipping. He urged me to go on but I owe him many favours of domestique type support so I stayed and held his bike whilst he did running repairs. We were dropped by the group and worked hard to catch up, the B riders had gone over the steep Bowland Tower but without his gears there was no way Andy could attempt it. We caught up to the C group and explained we were going to head off on our own and that’s what we did. We took in Forton, Scorton before heading through Garstang and back through Pilling and Cockerham. By the time I got home I’d gotten 40 miles in, making 72 miles in total for the weekend. I was totally wiped out though and fell asleep on Sunday afternoon totally drained. I feel a bit more energetic today, thankfully its a rest day and I’ve done nothing. Back to it tomorrow and the swimming will hopefully not be too bad.

Heard from Andy today and his bike problems on Sunday were caused by his back wheel not being locked to the bike properly, his quick release lever was open ! Could have been a lot worse than just gears slipping.

So it was another decent week but by the end of it I was wiped out, I’ve got to get the balance right and have a good week this week but end up on Sunday in one piece.

Congratulations to my cousin Mike who had a great run at the Coniston 14 road race continuing his comeback from major achilles surgery by finishing 86th in 1:35:08. A great effort, well done Mike.


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