Being Masterful !?

Tonight I went along to my first masters swimming class with a fair bit of trepidation, or to put it another way I was sh*ttin myself. Would I be laughed out of the pool ? Would I get lapped ? Would I drown ? Luckily none of these things happened and I had a really good hour swimming and improving my technique with the coach Sam.

The class took place up at the uni, a couple of my fellow COLTs had been going and mentioned it to me as I don’t go to the regular club sessions because I’m not a member of that gym. Met Sarah on the side of the pool and she was as nervous as me, also met Dave from the club. I’d forgotten how cold the Uni pool was compared to the gym pool I use.

We did 500m warm up, then 4 x 100 m arm drills focusing each 100 on an aspect of catch, pull, scull and glide, 4 x 100m crawl fast with 30 secs rest, 4 x 50m leg drills ( bloody hard ), 300m fast and 300m warm down concentrating on what we’d learnt and swimming slowly and relaxed with “perfect technique”.

It was a great session, and chatting to Dave at the end, we realised that over the last few months when I’ve been running at the athletic club I’d been running with him. We’d been riding together as well but we didn’t recognise each other because of sunglasses and bike helmets. Turns out Dave also knows Andy H as well from when Andy used to run with Lancaster.

Had a great ride on Sunday Morning as well with the club, putting 42 hilly miles into the legs with some serious average speeds on the flat. The winter turbo trainng concentrating on cadence, pedalling faster and turning an easier gear seems to have paid off. Hopefully I can build on it with some longer endurance rides ahead of Germany.

I’ve laid off the running because my calf is still a bit tight, hopefully I’ll be shuffling along again later this week.

Away from the training I’ve been immersed in my role as Web site Manager for COLT – City of Lancaster Triathlon.

I started making / writing on Thursday ( trying to remember / learn HTML, XHTML & CSS ) and although its still a work in progress, the basic info about the club is in place. I got a bit of a shock today when I thought I was working on the test server only to discover our Server Hosts had made the site live……gulp !!! Anyway please check out the site:

COLT – City of Lancaster Triathlon

So this week I’ve been mastering the web, and mastering swimming…….I wish !!!


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