Target Practice

Well I’d just about got over my chest infection and decided to go running with the Athletic club.  I was running along thinking well my chest feels ok, I can finally get back into my training after a couple of weeks off when I got a searing pain in my right calf and stopped dead in agony. I was unable to run and limped back to the clubhouse to wait for Lesley who had offered to come back with me.

I just presumed that I’d pulled the muscle, got home and stripped off to get in the bath and noticed two very distinct bruises on my calf, again I presumed it was bruising coming out, although I’d never experienced it like that before in a calf muscle pull. Anyway in the next few days the bruising got a lot worse and then started to blister. People I showed the bruising to were baffled, more than one person however has speculated that I may have been shot !? Now thats not as weird as it sounds, the area I was running in isn’t the most “friendly” and there was plenty of hiding places for kids with a bb or pelet gun to stay secluded there, and there have been attacks on cyclists there in the past year. Also I’ve been shot in the ribs and stomach before by a paint pellet gun and the pain is crippling, and bruising is exactly the same as my calf.

So maybe I was some chavs target practice that night? Whatever happened to me it added another week of no running. I managed to get a couple of 900m swims in to test if the leg was ok, thankfully it was and I alternated cycling and walking to work. It kept me active but basically today was the first proper training I’ve done in four weeks after my chest infection and leg injury. Today I did a 2 hr turbo session whilst watching Mamma Mia, Abba and Lycra, it doesn’t get any camper than that ha ha

I’m hoping to try and catch up with Andy for  a run this week, only seen him once this year with my ailments sidelining me. And weather permitting I’ll be out with my COLT clubmates on Sunday for a ride.

I should be starting the next phase of my training schedule tomorrow but I’ll delay it a week and pick it back up and just test my fitness and leg this week. Hopefully I’ll have typed up my next 10 week block on the Ironman Training page by the end of the week.

And finally…..congratulations to Gareth who finished 6th overall at the Tewkesbury Aquathlon in a very impressive time of 28:28. He’s really throwing the gauntlet down to his dad Andy and older brother, Andrew ahead of the Holme family traithlon championships at Skipton in April. If I was a betting man ( which I’m not ) I think he could reverse the result from Cockerham last year and come away wth the spoils !!


One response to “Target Practice

  1. Andy, I told you not to wear those running tights with the bullseye targets on!

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