Ironman – literally !!

I’ve been an ironman today quite literally as I’ve done the ironing. It’s the nearest I’ve gotten all week to doing any exercise because I’ve been knocked for six by a chest infection. I started to feel ill last week and probably pushed myself too much in the speed session at the athletic club on thursday night ( 8x400m with 400m recovery with each one under 80 seconds ), Friday night I came home from work and went to bed, don’t think I left it for more than an hour until Tuesday. Feeling a bit better today and going back to work tomorrow and its been doing my head in not being able to train.

Things had been going well before I’d gotten ill. I’ve got the tri bike properly set up and now have my cadence computer telling me how fast I’m spinning my legs. The weekly 100 rpm session is a real killer and the one leg pedalling reps take some getting used to but I really think they are making my pedalling and therefore my bike leg more efficient.

My swimming is going well, not done as many sessions as I should have done but I’m pleased with what I have done. Need to open my fins and get some more technique drills done.W ill definately pick things in the coming weeks as I move into the next phase of my ironman training.

My running has been something of a revelation to myself. I put on 10 lbs over Christmas yet I’ve been running really strongly, it doesn’t seem to have slown me down and pretty soon it should be dropping off me. I’ve started to go along to Lancaster and Morecambe AC with Lesley to put some serious run training. My ambition by the time Ironman comes around is to move up to the fast group (4:30 – 6:30 min miling ) at the moment I’m consitantly finishing in the top 3 of the middle group running between 6:45 and 7:30 min miles. I’ve always been pretty strong on speedwork but its something that you just can’t do on your own, I’m hoping its going to see me make great progress and I’m sure it’ll work wonders for Lesley as well and she’ll be running a sub 4 marathon in the near future.

Also want to say a massive congratulations to Viking who at Helsby on Sunday beat his half marathon pb to run 1:48:22, this was his quickest run for over 6 years !! And to make it an even better performance the day before he’d done a 3 hour bike ride in gail force winds. Just goes to show that his training is paying off, the way he’s going he’ll be lapping me in Germany. Well done mate !!!

And Finally….

I may be the first pirate triathlete to be featured in a public exhibition. My club vest, a couple of photos, and some of my medals are featured as part of the exhibition at Lancaster University Library.

Our Favourite Things is an exhibition of items, photos etc… that have special significance to the staff of the library, of which I am one. It’s been put together By Helen Clish, the University archivist and a regular reader of this blog. It’s a cracking little exhibition and is getting rave reviews and feedback. It’s running until 23rd February and if you are in the area its well worth a look.

And most people when asked to supply a photo of their favourite thing provided photos of grandkids, kids, loved ones etc…..not me…..I provided one of my new bike …..speaks volumes really !!!


2 responses to “Ironman – literally !!

  1. Andy,
    Glad you’re on the mend look forward to getting out with you on the COLT runs soon.
    Just one question, I’ve had a look at your training plan, where do the 8x400m sessions fit in?

    • Thanks mate, ran into work this morning and no ill effects so I’ll resume training this week.
      It doesn’t figure in the plan at all but I figure it can’t be doing me any harm to mix my running up and do some speed sessions, and hopefully it’ll help with the fitness and weightloss as well.

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