The Year of the Ironman is upon us…

Well 2009 has finally arrived and according to Viking this previous Sunday it was exactly 6 months til we’ll be lining up in Frankfurt to take on Ironman Germany.

It seems like a lifetime ago since I entered, but time is passing by really quickly and I’m trying my best to stay focused on the goal. Its been difficult following my training plan over the Christmas period as I’ve been away in Toronto and then visiting family, and then there has been the temptation to over indulge on drink and food. I think I’ve probably put on half a stone, I’ll weigh myself later to find out the damage.

I’ve managed to keep my fitness up by mostly running over Christmas, I was the only nutter out running round Walney on Christmas Day. I even managed to get 3 sessions in whilst in Toronto.

The recent drop in temperature hasn’t been welcomed by myself as I couldn’t feel my lower legs after running home yesterday and this morning cycling to work I had a blinding headache from the cold until I stopped and readjusted my hat to keep the cold out. It was -7 but the wind chill of cycling must have made it a lot worse !

I got my first decent cycle ride of the year in on Sunday when I went out with the tri club and did 38 miles round the Kellets, Kirkby Lonsdale etc… I wondered why I was struggling to keep up on the hills….it was only when I got home that I discovered that my front mud guard was sticking on my wheel. I couldn’t spin the wheel once without it stopping, so it must have been like riding with the brakes on !! Oh well all good resistance work.

So all the very best to everyone, hope you all have a great 2009 filled with health, happiness and PB’s !


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