A very restful week

The week really didn’t start off well when I came down with a bug that completely wiped me out. I spent most of Monday and Tuesday in bed aching and suffering with a sore throat and a dodgy stomach. As a result I’ve not done any training this week other than cycling to work and back.

The week before I’d had a busy week though, swimming, running a few times and attending two spinning classes which were great fun, tough but good.  The first one I attended was with Andy, and by the end of it we were both sweating for England, we even went in the hot tub to cool down !!

The other significant news of the week is that both myself and Andy are now fully signed up COLTS ( City of Lancaster Triathlon Club ). Its good to be part of a club again. I’ll still race as a Pirate but I’m also pleased to be part of a club.

I’ve published the first 10 weeks of my 30 week Ironman training programme on the blog, its in the menu at the top of the page, as is the summary of my swim workouts that I’ll be doing. There is no page for the run or cycling workouts as they are pretty self explanitory. Day 1 is tomorrow ( 8th December ) and it will see me through to the start in Frankfurt. Obviously its not completely set in stone as I’ll be racing at weekends as well, so the basic plan will be modified to accomodate that, and next week as I’ll be spending Thursday flying I’ll have that as my rest day rather than tomorrow. And the long bike rides will probably be switched with the long runs at the weekend so that I can get out on the bike with the COLTs on a sunday morning and maybe get some running miles in with Andy on a saturday.

It probably looks quite technical and boring to most people but I’m really excited by the plan, its designed to get me properly race fit and hopefully it will allow me to achieve my goals for the season ahead. And given the volume and intensity involved I might need a new pair of jeans by July as the ones I have now will hopefully be too big. Lets see what happens. I’ll publish the final two phases of the plan when I get chance. It’ll be interesting to see what peoples thoughts are on it ? I think its quite a sensisible plan, but it allows for my ambition as well.


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