Where has the time gone ?

Well it’s been a few weeks since I last posted an update on here and I have no idea where the time has gone? November seems to have been a blur, and no that’s not because I overindulged on the birthday booze !! Another year older, another year wiser….well I don’t know about that!!

This year in general seems to have gone really quickly, it only seems like 5 minutes ago since I signed up for the Ironman in Germany and now its only 8 months away and getting closer all the time.  People approach these races differently, some have a plan, some hire a coach and some just wing it. When I did the last one I basically just winged it by upping my training volume, taking swimming lessons and reading lots – it worked for me because I made it round in one piece. For their respective Ironman races in 2009 Viking ( GERMANY ) and IronMin ( LANZAROTE ) have hired a coach to help them get through the training and the race, and I’m sure that it will work great for both of them. I did consider this option but basically i’m too tight ha ha !! I didn’t just want to wing it this time as my aim has changed from last time ( just survive ) to wanting to go sub 12 hours. So being a librarian I did what comes naturally, I got a very good book, Be Iron Fit by Don Fink and I have devised my own 30 week training programme that will take me from the first week of December through to race day. I’ll post more details later in the week.

As for the last couple of weeks, well I’m back running again as the achilles now has skin back on it. I’ve put in several decent runs and have thoroughly broken in my new running shoes, Adidas Adistar Cushion. I’ve never ran in addidas before and I’m very pleased with them, very comfortable, light and responsive. I may be a convert after my last pair Of NB gave me chronic blisters.

Also been on the new bike did an hours Spinnervals session, loved riding it and the sweat just poured out of me. Going to get further acquanted to the ROO over the winter, can’t wait. Also been putting some milage in on the road bike as well, hitting the fells after work for a couple of 25 mile rides and yesterday I went out with Andy in gale force winds for 25 miles round Cockerham, Pilling etc….it was very tough and at one point I was doing less than 10mph on the flat !!

I also managed to find my way back to the pool, the shock of that however did make me forget my goggles and earplugs !!

So although I haven’t been posting I have been very busy. I’ll get details of my training plan on here later in the week, and await the comments.


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