Meet the Roo.

My new bike

My new bike

Well I’ve finally got my hands on my shiny new bike, and I love it. It’s a Quintana Roo Seduza and it is a triathlon specific bike unlike my Giant Road bike. It’s all to do with the geometry of the frame, to the unitiated it probably just looks like a normal racing bike, but the angle of the seat tube in comparison to the top tube makes it more aerodynamic and therefore supposedly faster.

The one I have has a good mix of Shimano Ultega and Dura Ace components with FSA cranks and bottom bracket. Its made of 12k multi-layered carbon fibre making it incredibly light yet stiff for speed and handling.  Apart from the two hours I spent getting set up and fitted to it in the shop with two mechanics I haven’t actually rode it yet because my pedals haven’t arrived yet. I don’t intend to take it out on the roads over the winter, instead I’ll be getting used to its more aggresive positioning on the turbo trainer, so that hopefully by the time I come to race on it I’ll be perfectly at home in the aero position.

So now I have the fast bike I guess I’m going to have to justify it by getting my bike splits down in next years races. I’m hoping a good winters training will see me turn in a sub 7 hour performance in Frankfurt.

Well I’ve been suffering since Hellrunner last week with blistered feet and in particular a very deep friction burn on my achilles, one week on and its still not heeled. So needless to say I came to my senses and didn’t do the Lancaster half marathon. Instead I met Andy and we went out with the other COLTS. It was quite a fast group this morning as we went out round Caton, Hornby, Wray. Myself and Andy came back on our own as Andy had other commitments he had to see to. The ride home was awful with piercing hailstones battering us and a very strong headwind as we headed back towards Conder Green. By the time I got home I’d clocked 44 miles in 2:57:50. I was frozen and couldn’t feel my feet but it was a really enjoyable ride.

On Friday night I went out my own again for a night ride straight from work, and hit the hills around Quornmore and Dolphinholme before heading down through Scorton and back home through Condor Green. It was cold and very very windy but I managed 25 miles at a steady pace. It was a good ride, the sort that will build my bike endurance up.

So I’m having another week off from running to give my achilles time to heal and hopefully my pedals will arrive so me and the Roo can get acquainted with each other.

Can’t wait !!


5 responses to “Meet the Roo.

  1. Whoaa!! Bike porn!
    What a lovely machine, I presume you’ll ditch the reflectors ?

  2. Very nice ! Would have looked much better in white though!

  3. ‘needless to say I came to my senses’…?!!

    there’s a first time for everything then…?!!

  4. Just remember, the pedals screw in on opposite threads !

  5. Ha ha…..I’m not that bloody thick – mind you my dad said the same thing to me !!

    And yes the reflectors will be coming off on sunday when the pedals go on.

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