Sunshine to Snow in two days.

I was working the late shift on Monday so it gave me the morning off and I used it productively with a 10 mile run along the canal to Hest Bank and back. The sun was shining and although I had my tights on, it was warm enough just for a short sleeved top and coming back towards Lancaster I could have done with my sunglasses on ! I was running relaxed and felt really strong after having a training free weekend, which is probably why I covered the distance in 77 minutes.

Tonight I got snowed on and couldn’t feel my feet whilst out on my bike. I decided to give my new bike lights a thorough good testing in completely unlit conditions, so I headed out through Quernmore and back through Abbeystead and Dolphinholme covering 20 miles. It was freezing, I had wind panelled bib tights on, a shirt, arm warmers, a jacket, 2 pairs of gloves and a buff on my head yet it was my feet that suffered, I couldn’t feel them after 30 minutes. I’m sat here now and they are still like blocks of ice, I think I need to get some thick thermal socks. My lights work really well and I met a couple of cars, one of which stopped and let me past on the narrow lane when there was plenty of room, maybe he thought I was another car ? There was something really peaceful about being out in the middle of nowhere with only my lights for company, and the distant glow of the city as I looked down on it, and the lights of the M6 snaking their way northwards. I could really get used to riding at night, I think it also develops your awareness for how your bike handles because you are relying more on all of your senses and experience rather than just what you see in front of you.

I also put in two sessions on Tuesday by running to work and back, averaging between 7 minutes and 7:30 for each of the runs. Ofcourse none of this increased speed is going to help me on Sunday when I face Hellrunner, 11 miles of swamp, hills, nettles, rivers and more mud than you can imagine. I’ve dug out my old gear because I’ve been told that its best just to bag up everything you wear when you finish and bin it !! I’ve also been warned to tie my shoe laces extra tight as most people end up with either only one or no shoes on their feet !! Why the hell did I let Viking persuade me into this !?

Before that though I’ve got a night out to look forward to with the UCI World Cup at the Velodrome in Manchester on Friday, its a sell out and should be  a cracking atmosphere. I really enjoyed it when I was last there in March and this should be better.

Oh and I’ve got a stunning new Tri bike, but more about that next week.


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