Getting Organised

Well its been a while since I last posted an entry ( Sorry Gareth !! ) but I have been busy – chaos at work with Freshers and by the time I’ve got home via training I’ve just been collapsing in a heap.

I have been using the time though to get organised for future races and events. The main one being that I got the accomodation booked for Germany next summer for Ironman. We will be staying in both Frankfurt where the event is taking place and Cologne, about an hour away. Flights were cheaper into Cologne.

Also finally got the velodrome session booked after months of trying to get it sorted for half a dozen of us to all be in Manchester on one saturday night when the Velodrome isn’t being used by Revolution, or fully booked up with the surge of interest in track cycling after the success of the GB team at the Olympics. So we’ll be wizzing round the track on bikes with no brakes at the begining of March – should be fun.

Training wise its been fairly productive, I’ve been running on my own and getting out with Andy when we can manage to be in the same country at the same time – what some people will do to avoid training with me !! Had a good hilly 5.5 mile run with him last night round the park, and on Monday we did the usual coastal path route. The nights have drawn in now and we are back to running with our head torches, reminiscing about not too long ago when we were doing the same route in glorious sunshine !

We also got out on Sunday with COLT ( City of Lancaster Tri ) for 30-40 miles of cycling round the lune valley and the Kellets. I think both me and Andy will be signing up to become members when the club gets the official go ahead ( probably at the committee meeting tonight ).

So in the last couple of weeks I’ve only 2 days off from training, and I’m pleased with how strong I am feeling again with the running. If I can maintain this progress I might have a crack at the Lancaster Half Marathon on Sunday 9th November in a bid to finally after three years of trying – to run sub 1:39. However there is the small matter of Hellrunner the week before….

So its been pretty busy, but its been fun.


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