Getting in the Club.

Well the past week ended with me getting out on my bike for a 40 mile ride with the newly formed City of Lancaster Triathlon Club. The club has been formed by ex members of Preston Tri who live in this area, I know most of them from Open water swimming over the last couple of years. Hopefully there should be a website up and running soon and I’ll link to it from here. I think it will do both me and Andy good to get out training with others, maybe push ourselves a little more and basically also just for the social aspect as well.

Anyways I met 5 other riders down by the gym they train at at 9am on sunday morning ( I didn’t get in from Liverpool till 2:30 am ) and off we went. Unfortunately Andy hadn’t been able to make it as he was feeling grotty. We headed out at a fairly sedate 13 mph towards Caton, up through Wray, across into the badlands of North Yorkshire and Bentham before doubling back into Cumbria through Kirkby Lonsdale and down towards the Kellets and back to Lancaster. We covered just over 40 miles and I suppose it was more of a social ride than anything else. Richard the coach does two Ironman races a year and he was made up I was doing one next year as it meant he could help me out – plan a few 6+ hour rides etc. As he’s a grade 1 qualified triathlon coach and a great britain athlete that can only be a good thing. I was talking to a couple of the other lads and reminiscing about the Terrier and asking their experiences of the Fred Whitton ( I’m seriously tempted ). I also got invited to go down to Lancaster & Morecambe running club, I may just do so as well.

I was glad I’d got some decent miles in as this coming sunday myself and Andy will be down in Staffordhire riding the 55 miles of the Cat and Fiddle Sportive including the infamous 7 mile long climb. The whole area round Leek, Buxton, Stoke and Macclesfield is hilly so it should be fun. You get to ride with legends like Sean Kelly & Malcolm Elliot as well, not that I’d be able to understand Sean – well I can’t when he commentates on Eurosport.

I’d also managed to get 2 hilly rides of 20 miles each in after work this week and I’m pleased with how well I was climbing. I deliberately didn’t use the granny ring to try and strengthen my legs and it worked, I did have to use it though on the hairpin hill coming out of Quornmore back into Lancaster – mind you you have to go into second gear in a car to get up that one !

So all in all its been a good week, getting involved in a new club and looking forward to this weeks ride. However I’m full of cold and my stomach isn’t happy so I need to try and shake that off before the weekend.


3 responses to “Getting in the Club.

  1. Sounds like you have got yourself involved with a good set up at Lancaster Triathlon club with access to a wealth of experience which can only be good for your training.

    May I remind you of your comments when I accessed the Fred Whitton Challenge website after ‘Le Terrier’ : ” What are you even doing looking at the website!”

    Hmmmmm. Andy H watch out he will be talking you in to it.

    Entries open for the Fred Whitton Challenge on 6th January 2009. A word of caution. I have heard it is a bit hilly!!

  2. No fear, I may be tempted by the Terrier in 2009 on the basis of ‘unfinished business’ .However , I really enjoy my cycling but fear that the Whitton may just sicken me off it. Also I’m trying to preserve my knees!.
    So I can confirm, without any fear of contradiction, that I will not enter , nor attempt to coerce others to enter, the Fred Whitton Challenge

  3. Watch this space ha ha

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