Nantwich Results.

The results are up for Nantwich. There were 800 finishers, 577 men and 223 women.


I was 161st with a time of 1:14:44.              Swim: 10:51        Bike: 41:48         Run: 22:05


Dave was 396th in 1:24:58.                             Swim: 11:11        Bike: 44:48          Run: 28:58


Viking was 446th in 1:28:14.                           Swim: 12:21        Bike: 50:09          Run: 25:46


Will was 540th in 1:39:40                                 Swim: 12:57        Bike: 59:41          Run: 27:02


In the ladies race Mrs Viking was 177th in a time of 1:40:26 – her splits are missing from the results ??


Loon was 180th in  1:40:50.                            Swim: 10:55        Bike: 55:31          Run:34:24


Very pleased with the results, the swim could be improved on though.


Also Congratulations to Gareth Holme ( Andys son ) who picked up the age group prize at at the St James Place Foundation Sprint Tri on Sunday .He did 7.46 swim, 33.24 bike and 21.02 run for 1.02.11. Very Impressive !!


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