Going Aero one handed !

Well the memory of France is starting to fade as the miserable weather really takes hold. I’ve done plenty of running this week and only Friday saw me completing a run without getting soaked.

Tuesday night was horrendous, I got home and had to pour water out of my shoes and my rucksack, even my goretex jacket was drenched – took it off and there was a puddle underneath it when I hung it up in the shower to dry !

I went out on my bike on Sunday with the intention of two things (a) Riding it as a double – no using the granny ring and (b) trying to ride aero for a as long as possible. Let me explain the reasoning:

(a) I’m hopefully going to get a new bike next month and I’m opting towards an all out Tri specific bike like a Planet X Stealth or a Quintana Roo Seduza. These bikes don’t have a granny ring, they have less gears which mean you have to climb hills without the easy gears that I have on my Giant Tripple. I still don’t fully understand gears and I need another lesson from the ever patient Andy who has explained it a thousand times to me. I have been reading up on them though, as it will be important for me to get it right – 11/23 or 12/25 ? All very confusing. So anyways I did a bit of climbing round Quornmore and Dolphinholme without the granny ring and it was alright, my legs felt it but it was managable.

(b) The new bike will have full on Tri bars, no drops like the road bike – so I need to get used to the position of being tucked in resting on my forearms. I spent all last year with the tri bars on the bike primarily as a helmet holder in T1 – I never used them. This year I read up on it, measured my forearms and adjusted the bars to fit, what a difference !! They are really comfortable and my speed increases by a good 3-5 mph which in a race is a significant increase.  My intention would be to set up the new bike on the turbo and ride it all winter getting used to the position before unleashing it next year on the roads ready for Ironman.

So anyways I did some hill climbing and thenm rode back onto campus to do some fast laps round the perimeter road in the tucked position. I’d managed to do about 5 miles when disaster struck, I hit a speed bump at 25 mph and my left tri bar just came off in my hand. Luckily and I don’t know how I managed to keep upright and in control of the bike – good job there was no traffic !! The bolt had come out of the clamp, I managed to retreive this and proceeded to cycle home with just one bar on the bike and the other tucked in my jersey pocket. Its back on the bike now and firmly tightened – I came to work this morning and it stayed in place. 

I’m looking forward to racing again on Sunday, it should be a good race – the Norths biggest race with over a thousand competitors and almost 40 odd pirates invading Cheshire, just hope the weather holds up.


4 responses to “Going Aero one handed !

  1. A TT bike, serious stuff indeed ! What next pointy helmets and skin suits?
    I’m no expert but I’m more than happy to try and explain the rudiments of gear ratios (again!)
    I saw some interesting stuff in the CW recenly about aero positioning the tuck ,the egg, whatever I’ll dig it out and pass it on

  2. I think you may need to do a Powerpoint presentation with an additional handout to explain it properly.

    Nope no pointy helmets or skin suits, I have to draw the line somewhere ( says the man who prances about in skin tight lycra and rubber ).

  3. Andy, Have you had a look at the Focus Izalco Tria on Wiggle ?it looks terrific value and scores 9/10 in the 220 triathlon mag (I bet you have!)

  4. Yep I was discussing the merits of that bike with Viking the other day, he’s thinking of getting one. Focus is a good make as well, seen plenty of them bombing about when I’ve been in Germany.
    Have to wait till I get my voucher from work and see what the t&c’s are.

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