The Macclesfield Triathlon

Results Update:

Mike finished in 25th position with a time of 1:29:03

I finished in 40th position with a time of 1:33:25.

I’m over the moon with that position as there was over 300 people n this event, Mike was really pleased with his first triathlon as well – as he rightly should be ! Don’t know the results of the others yet.

The alarm went off at 4:45am and I fell out of bed, it confused the cat that I was up before him, and then the shock of Emma getting up as well caused him to lose one of his nine lives. The reason for the early start was a 7:35am swim start at the Macclesfield Triathlon.

I’d decided to do Macclesfield rather than Cockerham today because it was a road bike course and because my Pirate mates were doing it as well. Originally Dave the Ex Spartan, Viking, Mrs Viking, TLS and Pink Minnie were going to be there. I’d also mentioned it to my cousin Mike and he signed up for his first triathlon. Minnie ducked out this week when she had a better offer of an all expenses paid trip to ride Alp D’Huez, now let me think about it…..5 star hotel and the mecca of road biking or an early sunday morning in south Manc land ?? Yep I’d have gone to France as well. She completed the magical mountain in 1:44, nice one Min !

The roads were quiet and we made good time. Met Dave in the car park and saw Viking as I was registering. Put the bike together and took my stuff round to transition, got back to the car and heading to poolside. I’d put a wrong swim time down(based on my nightmare swim at Skipton last year ) and ended up in a slow wave. Mrs Viking had gone off before me but I was going ahead of all the others, I’m probably slightly faster than Viking but Dave and Mike would beat me in the water. Stood on poolside and Dave shouted at the top of his voice, and he has a big voice ” Go Pirates”. There were 3 of us in our lane and I was the last to go with 10 seconds between us. I swam strongly and had caught and passed the first guy by the end of the 1st length of the 400m swim. I tapped the second guy on the foot and the rules you should stop at the end and let me past, he didn’t. Eventually I got past but everytime I did he speeded up and when i let him past he slowed down, if it was in open water I’d have just swam over him as he slowed me down. I was glad to get out of the pool, and into transition 1. I was quick, helmet on, shoes on ( no socks for the first time ), glasses and gloves and away. Slight hill to the main road, out of the saddle and get the bike onto the big ring. Through the busy roundabout and down onto the tri bars, I’ve adjusted them from last year and my position is very comfortable. I stayed on the bars for most of the course ( 15.6 miles ) and averaged about 18mph on a lumpy and very windy course. I passed Mrs Viking at about 5 miles and she was riding well. No one passed me on the bike and I overtook quite a few people, I was riding well. I’d woken up with a sore throat and earache and with about 4 miles to go I could feel my breakfast coming back, quick glance behind and tilt the head to the left and throw up. Tasted bloody awful but I managed to refresh myself with my water. I was catching another guy but I had to stop for ages at the roundabout on the main road for the traffic, 100m further and I was back in transition and out on the run. A quick shout from Em and Mike and I was on my way.

starting strong on the run

starting strong on the run

It was quite a hilly run set over 2 laps ( 7.1km ) but I felt really strong and was passing people for fun, again no one came past me on the run at all. I’d done some short, quick runs in training and it was paying off. I started my second lap and Mrs Viking again, she was running well in her first ever triathlon. I past more people and everyone that I past I gave encouragement to because we’re all in this together and some of them would be running for sometime judging by the speed of them. I turned towards the leisure centre and the finish, and exchanged words with Mike who was powering up the hill with the fast boys out onto the bike course, and then Dave the Ex-Spartan who was about to start the run.

I had a good strong finish and felt as fresh as a daisy, I met up with Em and the Jean and Amanda ( Mikes mam and partner ) and waited for the rest to finish. They all made it home strongly, Viking who had been running with a hernia thankfully finished in one piece. Dave had a strong day and finished in about 1:44, he’d been racing against his wife TLS ( Suzie ) and daughter Annie who were part of a relay team. TLS finished just ahead of Dave but I think he may have made time up on them.

Dave sprinting for the line

Dave sprinting for the line

Mrs Viking ( Lou ) finished one place ahead of Suzie and had done brilliantly in her first tri, I asked her if she’d do another, she paused ….which as good a yes ! Finally Mike made it home ( he had set off about 90 minutes after me ! ) and was running strongly, he’d had a blistering run to finish in 1:29, with the comment “Its harder than it looks” But he’d caught the bug after finishing his first triathlon, and he’ll be back.

TLS with a big finish

TLS with a big finish.

Mike finishing his first ( of many ) triathlons.

Mike finishing his first ( of many ) triathlons.

It was a  great day out, always good to catch up with my fellow Pirates and I just love racing triathlons and as the atmosphere is great. A lot of friendly banter and everyone having a good time. So I’m waiting for the results to be published on the web to see how I did, but I’m pleased with how it went, I felt strong and had lightning quick transitions as well.

Viking in full flow

Viking in full flow

I’m off to watch the Cockerham Triathlon now with Pam and Andy, their two sons Gareth and Andrew are racing, good luck to them.

job well done


One response to “The Macclesfield Triathlon

  1. Dave The Ex-Spartan

    Decent day out, and a great result mate.
    Nice to see you have dragged another member of your family out into the tri world…

    We are all now waiting for Emma’s debut !

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