4’s company.

Well after the previous week where I’d taken things pretty easy I increased my training again last week in preparation for this sundays Cross Bay Half Marathon

Monday night saw me haeding out straight after work through Galgate and the backroads to Forton, over the M6 and past the services before doubling back to work. It was 11 miles and I managed to plod my way round in the heat in 1:27. I was really dehydrated afterwards ( should have had some REGO when I got home ) and had to get a drink when we went shopping later because I was feeling light headed. I had a rest on Tuesday.

Wednesday was great fun, met Andy down at his place and we headed out along the coastal path for 10.34 miles,however this time we were joing by Pam and Em on their bikes. It was pretty warm and neither me nor Andy were feeling pretty motivated when we set off, it was a “come on lets get this over with”start to the run. Suprisingly though we were running quite well, and I felt pretty strong. When Andy needed a drink of water I became his “domestique” running back to the team car ( Pam on her bike ) to get the water and run it back up to him.  We made it back in 1:24 which was better than we had hoped for so we were both very pleased. Em and Pam finished and had enjoyed it as well. It was the longest Em had been on her bike ( only the second time out ), her first time on a road and her first time on a hill – she had a sore arse by the end of it which amused us all but she did brilliantly. Hopefully the 4 of us will be out again tonight.

Thursday saw me running just under 5 miles steadily as a recovery run, just to make sure the legs still worked, thankfully they did. Friday I played badminton for almost 2 hours and although I lost again to Martin ( 10-4 ) I was moving around much faster and once I work on my net play I’ll be picking more games up. Was great cross training and great fun.

I rested all weekend and then had a cracking run yesterday lunchtime in glorious weather. I Managed 6.32 miles in 47:24, I was running towards the top of my heart rate zone ( 172 bpm ) at times but it didn’t feel like a huge effort, just a good fast training run. It was one of those runs that reminds you why you love doing these things ! Was a great confidence booster ahead of this weekends gruelling event.


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