Taking it easy

It feels like I’ve been taking it easy recently, take this past weekend – I didn’t do any training on Friday, Saturday or Sunday. We stayed at my mam and Dads and attended my cousin, Glenns wedding. I’d taken my gear with me and planned to get out on saturday and sunday mornings along the beach for a run but I was just knackered and the prospect of pulling on the shoes and grinding out the miles just didn’t appeal to me. My dodgy left knee had been giving me grief all week as well because I’d been on my knees a lot dismantling shelving units at work – thankfully it feels better now though.

I still managed to run 20 odd miles last week, cycle 10 miles and play almost 3 hours of basketball, so I’m not completely slacking. Just feeling very lethargic today ( I know its Monday morning ) but I came in the car rather than running or biking to work, that extra half hour in bed was too tempting. Haven’t decided yet wether to run after work or go up to the lake for a swim, got a bit of a cold so the swim might be the less attractive option.

Need to get a good solid week in this week as its only 13 days til the cross bay half marathon, so really I need to get at least one 10 miler into my legs. I’m still running ok, managed three 6 mile runs last week ( 2 with Andy ) all under 50 minutes in pretty hot conditions.

Congratulations to Lesley who despite being ill in the last few weeks and doing virtually no training ran herself a new 10k Pb at the wednesday night Lancaster & Morecambe AC 10k race. She ran a very good time of 51:35. That should give her a good base on which to build for a new half mara pb at the GNR.

Right, really do need to get back training properly for the two events coming up. The Cross Bay and Macclesfield tri. Feel free to shout at me if you don’t see me training ha ha


4 responses to “Taking it easy

  1. Andy,
    I hope the w/e went well. I did 8 on Sunday along the canal from Nateby, it was hot and I suffered ! Really put some doubts in my mind about the Xbay? However, I am also in need of a steady 10 miler this week to boost my confidence (or convince me to give it a miss!)
    How about Thursday?

  2. Andy,
    Yep it was a great day at the wedding. Good run on sunday from you. Will let you know about Thursday, may be out with friends, what about wednesday or tuesday ?

  3. Wednesday would be ok with me

  4. Ok wednesday then – what time ? I could be at yours anytime from 5:20 ish.

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