Plodding along.

Well the smile is still on my face after the Steelman but its been back to the hard work since then. The bikes clean, I don’t think the shoes will ever be clean again but as they were lurid lime green I’m not that bothered !

I’ve been training quite steadily with morning and evening runs, which saw me totalling out at 50 miles for a week which was probably more than what I was doing when I was marathon training. I’ve also played basketball a couple of nights, swam a bit, been to the gym and played badminton which was great fun. I’d put on 4.5 lbs in the week that I was off and I was determined to get back on track, it worked as I’ve lost 5 lbs in the past week.

Made a decent start to this week as well with 15 miles of running and a mile of swimming in the lake. I’ve never been so cold in my life, it was bloody freezing on Monday night and I couldn’t get any rythym as my goggles kept fogging up. Was talking to a few of the lads that had just got back from Frankfurt and they were saying what an awesome experience it was, really can’t wait.

Unfortunately I was working on saturday so I couldn’t do the Tour Of Stavely with Andy, he had a good solid ride on a fairly hilly course, so well done mate. Also congratulations to his daughter-in-law to be, Katherine who competed in her first triathlon ( Timex Womens only ) and completed the super sprint course ( 200m swim, 5.1 k bike and 2.5k run ) in a very respectable time of 43:12. Well done.


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