Still on a high.

Still feeling great about my performance on Saturday, but its back to the training, well more the recovery at the moment.

Sunday morning the soles of my feet were a bit sore from all the off road running and my legs were a bit stiff, certainly feeling it when me and Crosby walked to the bottom of the hill and back to get the paper. Spent the rest of the morning relaxing and watching Ironman Germany live on the internet. It was an awesome race with Chris McCormack of Australia ducking under 8 hours !! And our very own Chrissie Wellington being only the second women ever to go under 9 hours in only her third Ironman, 3 years ago she was an amateur like me and now shes European and World Champion. And it didn’t even merit a paragraph on the BBC website yesterday…..more space was given to some moaning Scottish loser who hits balls about. Anyway…the event looked awesome and I can’t wait to get there and get down the finishing funnel.

The second part of recovering was going for a swim, managed 60 lengths of very easy swimming just to make sure everything still worked as it should. Felt great and then spent ages in the jacuzzi massaging my leg muscles with the jets.

Yesterday eveening straight after work I went for a very gentle jog and again everything seems fine. My left knee was aching a bit after the run but it feels fine this morning. I managed to run 5.6 miles in 49:38 just concentrating on my breathing and trying to run as light as possible. Didn’t really put a lot of effort in and just enjoyed the ride really.

Went home and watched the Tour, was a good stage. I’m still sticking with my pre race tip of Valverde but I could get very interesting once they hit the mountains to see how Cadel Evans performs. Also watched the Science of Lance Armstrong afterwards on ITV4, that was interesting as well – especially when they showed how they made a carbon fibre bike. The Friday programme is about the Marathon De Sables, the grueling race across the sahara, that should be good.

Playing basketball after work tonight if the weather improves, and will continue to have a fairly light week I think.


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