Solid week

I’ve had a good solid week of training, combining lots of hills on the bike with some quality running.

Wednesday saw me putting in a pretty quick 3 miles in my lunch hour. Felt really strong and just went for it.

Last Thursday and Friday nights after work I headed out onto the back roads on my bike and went up past Jubilee Tower, a tough climb especially on the Friday but I feel that its doing me a lot of good. And as the Terrier goes that way I figure the more practice I get the better?

Had Saturday off and enjoyed a couple of pints of Guinness at a friends wedding in Liverpool, was a really good night. Came honme late afternoon on Sunday and went for the 10k run  along the coastal path at Glasson. Em followed me on her bike and gave me some motivational abuse, as only a scouser can ! I managed to run a negative split as I completed the first half in 25 minutes and the second in 23 minutes. I was very pleased with my performance as it was still bloody hot.

I had a tough ride on Monday night and did 22 miles, I got a bit lost as i went on a few roads I’d never seen before. The climb over to Littledale was bloody tough but the descent on the other side was terrifying – poor road surface, narrow, blind hair pins, wandering sheep and very narrow road !! A couple of days later I found out that we climb back up that road at the 70 mile point of the Terrier – now that will be tough ! I ended up out past Caton, and then doubled back home. I was knackered when I walked through the door.

Yesterday I had a couple of runs, a decent 5 miler before work and a speedy 3 miler after work. Funnily enough I felt stronger on my second run of the day, didn’t feel as lethargic.

I cycled to work this morning and I’m hopefully going to get out tonight and tomorrow for some more hilly miles.



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