Back in rubber…

Its been a very busy week and quite a decent one training wise. I had monday off to recover from last weekends wind swept cycling exploits but on Tuesday I ran twice. 3 miles each way to work and back, running home was much quicker than going and my legs felt alright. Thats more than can be said for how they felt on Wednesday night as I cut my run short because my calves and achilles on both legs were aching. It was probably an after effect of the two short fast runs the day before. I only managed to cover 4.2 miles before giving up in 31:05, which looking at it now still isn’t bad going. I spent the rest of the night watching a poor England performance against the USA, and then I went to pick Em up from the cinema, I’d never seen so many women in one place before, the reason, Sex and the City – very good so I’m reliably informed.Hmmmm.

Thursday saw me back on my bike with John. It had been a horrible day but then the sun came out and it was a really pleasant ride. It was also very tough as we went over Jubilee Tower the difficult way. Get it on the granny ring, and stand on the pedals, I manged to make it to the top without stopping. Very pleased with this as its one of the first major climbs of Le Terrier, but not the toughest according to John…gulp ! A really fast descent down the other side saw me hit 45 mph, I think thats the fastest I’ve ever gone on a bike. We then skirted round the fell roads before climbing back into Dolphinholme and heading back home via the Uni. I’d covered 29:31 miles in 2:17:21 at an average of 12.8 mph. It felt a lot easier and comfier than just the week previous, I feel a bit more confident about the Terrier now, it’ll be very tough and might take me the best part of 10 hours but I’ll make it round.

I had a rest on Friday because we were travelling down to Derbyshire to see Em’s gran. I managed to sneak out on Saturday evening for a very hilly run through the Derbyshire and Leicestershire countryside, running through the villages of Harsthorne, Ticknell, Ashby de la Zouch, Swadlincoate and back to Woodville. Felt quite strong and was pleased to have run 12 miles in 1:34:59 because it was still warm and very hilly.

Last night saw me doning the rubber again as I headed up to Pine Lake for Tri Prestons twice monthly open water swimming session. I hadn’t worn the wetsuit since the Ironman last September, so I nervously tried it on on Sunday night and thankfully it fitted ! I wasn’t convinced it was going to ! I was feeling nervous all day Monday about it but once I got there the nerves disapeared. Waded into the reeds and the cold hit me, it was bloody freezing, nothing for it then – the only way to warm up was to get swimming. I made it through two laps before I started to feel slightly sick, but it soon passed. I felt confident and pretty soon I passed a few people. Bloody hell I was no longer the slowest swimmer !!! I even managed to draft off one of the fast swimmers for about 100m or so before he swam away. I was pleased with my swim and as I exited the water I didn’t feel dizzy at all. I managed to swim 3 laps which equates to 1650m in 31:46. Its still not very quick in general terms but it is for me. Em had come to watch, so I got changed and we went for drive out to Arnside and Silverdale which was nice.

This morning I drove up to work for 6:30 and went out running in the driving rain. I felt really strong and loved every minute of it. I must have looked like a right nutter getting drenched and grinning from ear to ear. I manged to cover 7.5 miles in 59:55 and I’m sat here now feeling fine. Good start to the day, and hopefully going to be another good week of training.


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