Wind is evil.

Well I kinda coasted through most of last week just cycling to and from work and playing basketball for a couple of hours after work, which I’m really enjoying.

Friday I set off with John for a ride after work but just as we climbed out of Ellel his bike started making a funny noise, which after some investigation he discovered was a loose left crank, so that was the end of Johns ride. He headed home and I decided to continue on my own, out over the hills and up to the Tower, it was a slog getting up there, the hill is hard at the best of times but the strong crosswind made it very tough. At the top of the fell I was frozen, I just had a short sleeved cycle jersey on. A quick swig of water and I started the descent into Abbeystead, this is usually really fast but the crosswind meant I maxed out at 22mph, I can usually surpass 40mph. Thankfully as I turned towards Dolphinholme I got some shelter from the wind. I called back via work to pick up my bag and then headed home.

Statistics: 25.45 miles     time: 1:45:11      12.5 av mph    39.5 mph max

Saturday morning I headed out to Knot End and back. It was great heading out and although I wasn’t flooring it I sped along to a wind assisted 10 miles in 29 minutes. I zipped along through Pilling, Presall and along the seafront at Knott End. Quick swig of water and a chewy bar and I turned round into an awful headwind. It was pretty much a slow steady ride back towards Pilling before I headed off on the old Cockerham half marathon route along single track dusty lanes that offered sheltered if uncomfortable riding. I crossed the A6 and headed through Scorton, and up towards 5 lanes end, Galgate and then home. Again the wind had been bitterly cold, yet out of it it was really hot.

Statistics: 42.73 miles    time: 2:45:08      15.1 av mph   30.2 max mph

Sunday I lay in bed and listened as the wind blew peoples recycling boxes around the street, it sounded worse that it had been the day before. I tore myself out of bed and went off to meet Andy, only this time I took my wind proof jacket, I would be glad of it later. I coasted down to Cockerham for 9am and we headed off towards Garstang, a nice leisurely ride with the wind with us. Climbing out of Garstang we followed the back roads towards Chipping before crossing back across the A6 by Guys Court and Mysercough.

We then followed the lanes and the Lancashire Cycleway through the outskirts of Preston, Kirkham and the Fylde before having a well deserved coffee break at Wrea Green. From there until we got home it was just sheer hell as we battled against a very strong crosswind and headwind. I’m sure even Blackpool tower was swaying as we passed it, or it could have just been me ! The worst part was from Pilling to Cockerham, it was totally exposed and I got battered. My knees were screaming from turning lots and getting nowhere but my knuckles hurt the most from gripping my handle bars so tightly, it took all my strength to stop from being blown off the bike. I decided at that point that WIND IS EVIL.

I was knackered by the time we got to Andys, and was grateful for the top up of my water bottle with lemon and lime GO drink, which I had completely consumed in the 5 mile journey home. The wind was against me all the way from Thurnham to Lancaster, and the easiest bit shockingly was the ride up my street which is very steap as there was no wind.

Statistics: 63:47 miles       time: 4:26:28    14.2 av mph    29.9 max mph

So all in all it was a good weekend cycling wise, it would have been perfect if the wind hadn’t been so strong.


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