Running up hills…and running up some more.

I had a couple of easy days afer my bike ride with John. Thursday I just cycled to work and back to spin the legs and make sure that they worked. Friday and Saturday I did nothing, and it felt ok – usually I get aggitated if I don’t train, but I figured the rest would do me good.

Sunday I decided to go for a run, I wasn’t planning on doing more than say 5 or 6 miles but I was enjoying myself that much that I was out for just over 2 hours.  I went around the back of Williamson Park and up the hair pin bend hill towards Caton, its a hell of slow steep climb ( and the second hill on the Le Terrier but more about that later ). At the top I turned right and then down a very steep hill before starting the long slow steep climb up to Little Fell. I’d cycled this route with John last year so I knew roughly where I was going, and I knew it was going to be steep. Towards the top I turned and headed towards Quernmore crossroads and way in the distance I could see another runner, so I made it my goal to try and catch him before I got to Five Lanes end. This road was very hilly as well but I had the bit between my teeth and slowly I reeled the guy in, a quick hello and I passed him before I got to the quarry. However by now I could feel my little toe on my right foot rubbing, it was only the second time I’d ran in my shoes ( yeah I know !! ). As I came up through campus and Hala it was really painful, so I was glad to get home and get my shoes off. I had a blood blister that had basically doubled the size of my little toe. But that didn’t stop me from grinning as I’d had a great run, felt really fit and conquered some of the biggest hills I could find round here. I think towards the back end of the summer I may tray and run to the tower and back, now that would be hilly.  I’d covered 13.5 miles in 2:05:43 at an average HR of 161 ( good old hills ). My average pace was 9:30 min mile and my best pace was 6:38 min mile, not bad.  Its runs like that that make running worth while, and makes me thankful that within 5/10 minutes of home I’m running in deserted countryside.

On Saturday night I got a text from my cousin Mike to tell me that “against my better judgement”  he’d entered the Le Terrier, the 80 mile bike ride from Lancaster. Plenty of hills, be a good way to test out his new bike. Should be good fun.

Monday night I played Basketball after work for an hour, I’d not played since I was 18 and I loved every minute of it. I was playing with a bunch of people from Emmas work, and I suprised myself that I could still play….and I actually scored ! Another good way of keeping fit, legging it around for an hour.


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