Starting to Recover

Well I’d just about recovered from my exploits in Hamburg when I was blasted again by this reoccuring virus, I was sent home from work last week and had to have a day off as well. Boy did I feel ill, actually broke out my inhalers which I haven’t used since I was hospitalised last year. My chest was really tight and I sounded like a barking dog when I coughed. About a litre of sudafed later and I started to feel better, just full of gunk now. Hopefully I’m fully on the mend though.

So I’ve kind of taken it easy in the last week, I walked to work and back on Thursday which is 6.6 miles, and on Friday I did the same but jogging. I felt alright actually. Saturday was spent sorting out my bike, taking off the tri bars – have a feeling that I’m not going to need them on Le Terrier at the end of June. I then took the bike out for a spin up through the uni and out round Dolphinholme and Abbeystead, hitting a few steep hills in the process. It was a struggle and my arse really hurt – so much so that I’m getting a new saddle. I think I struggled as a combination of not being on the bike since November and my lingering cold, but it was great fun and really quite on the country roads.

Sunday the most energetic thing I did was walking to the shop to get my paper, and then lying on the sofa watching the Giro d’Italia ( basically the Italian version of the Tour de France ).

Monday I cycled the 3.4 miles to work and then after work I went on my own for an hour through Scorton and looped round through Cockerham to meet Andy. He was riding his new bike and it really can shift, riding it behind it everything is gleaming and looks very efficient. We rode out over Cockerham sands towards Pilling before heading back round in a loop on roads I didn’t know existed……my cultural tour ofLancashire looks set to continue this Summer as Andy said “We haven’t even scratched the surface yet”. He was riding away from me easily on the hills, so I need to work hard to keep up – hopefully that will come with more time in the saddle. So I was pleased with my miles yesterday as I’d rode 39.43 miles at and average speed of 15.2 mph.

Hopefully once this virus is totally gone I should start training better.


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