Congratulations Lesley

My training partner and friend Lesley completed her first marathon yesterday in London with the fantastic time of 4:09:47. She had been hoping for about 4:30 but having ran with her on a 20 miler the other week I was convinced that she would do somewhere between 4 and 4:15. She’s come a long way in a couple of years from running 10k’s and doing the GNR, and she will be able to go a lot quicker. She’s doing the GNR this year and I’m trying my best to convince her that she can run a 1:45 half marathon, maybe after such a great run she might believe what I’ve been telling her. So well done Lesley, very proud of you, and realistically worried now that you’ll be beating me soon !! You can read her race report here:

Also congratulations go out to my friends from Liverpool who had good runs. Dave the Ex Spartans wife, Suzie, ran her first marathon in 4:32 and was over the moon, shes done brilliantly. Jakesy the whippet did 2:56 and will no doubt continue to get faster, and Fat Face did 4:12 which again maybe a pb I think. Em’s uncle Tim did 3:21 for a pb as well.

SO after all my friends had cracking runs yesterday the pressure is now on for me to have a good one in Hamburg. Hopefully I will but preparation has come to a stand still as I’m off work and have spent all day asleep in bed ( got up at 6pm ) with full blown tonsilitis. Really big nasty ulcers on my tonsils, no voice and it hurts to eat. Great stuff. Also means I won’t be swimming for  afew days which means I can’t defend my swimming title this month, oh well best to get fit for Hamburg.

So Again well done to everyone.


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