Mingling with the twitchers….

I was feeling knackered all day at work and could have quite easily fallen asleep. I started with a bit iof a cold on Monday night so on Em’s advice I dosed up with vitamin C, and had to take some headache tablets yesterday afternoon as well.  So when I set off to meet Andy after work I wasn’t really looking forward to a run, but the sun was shining which is always a great motivator. Andy wasn’t feeling too great either so we just took it easy and ran steadily along chatting.

It was a really nice night but it was busy down the usually deserted coastal path because a rare bird had been spotted ( some blue thing ? ) and the twitchers were out in force. The camera equipment they all had would have made the paparazi look like amateurs. So we were running along avoiding men in camouflage, it was kind of surreal.

It was just one of those runs though that was fun, we had a great laugh talking about bike ponces, previous marathon experiences, the merits of blue tyres and the run seemed a lot easier because of it. We did 6 miles in 49 minutes, which was really good considering we were just strolling along, my average HR for the run was just 128 which is nothing really, so that shows I’m getting fitter. I won’t see Andy now till next week with work and family commitments, oh and the small matter of Lesley spotting on BBC 1 on sunday morning, but looking forward to getting out with him again next week.

I went swimming again yesterday morning and this morning and today I was swimming really strongly, I swam 1800m again and felt fine.

One of the RW mob, Brownyboi went to the velodrome in Manchester last night for a session and said it was brilliant. I can’t wait to get my session sorted out after I get back from Hamburg. Em bought me some sessions there as a Christmas pressie and I thought it best to let my main focus of the year go by before doing something a little dangerous, I really can’t wait though.

And hopefully this weekend I’ll update my racing page with what lies ahead for me this season, should be fun.


One response to “Mingling with the twitchers….

  1. Andy,
    The bird was a Bluethroat, which is a bit like a robin redbreast er …. but blue, like it says on the tin !
    The twitchers obviously missed the Lesser Spotted triathlete and the Greater Bluenose Scally who are both frequent visitors to this area!

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