Growing confidence

Its been one of those weeks were everything just seems to have got better and better. I swam everyday except Saturday and retained my title as the top swimmer at the gym. I went the same amount of times as my nearest rival but I swam 860 lengths more than him. And it makes it all the more sweater that the guy doesn’t like me, he just ignores me when I say “Morning ” to him.

The swimming I think is starting to help tone me up as well, I managed to fit into a pair of combat pants that I haven’t been able to get into this year yet, and the scacles this week showed that I’d lost a stone since Christmas which is very pleasing.

But perhaps the biggest plus of the week has been my running form. I went out on Tuesday with Andy ( who was suffering with a bad ankle  – what is it with ankles this year ?? ). We were running easy and steady and then I went and twisted my good ankle. Again I must apologise to him for the bad language but boy did it hurt. I’m going to have to wrap myself in cotton wool for the next 3 weeks as I’ve fallen over twice since then as well and turned my ankle and bruised ny arm !! Anyways we made it home safely having covered the 5 miles in 42 minutes which was good considering the deliberate slow pace and the stop for my recovery !

I went out on my own on Wednesday night after work, I had been feeling knackered but the sun was shining and it was warm, it was too good an opportunity to miss. I decided to run the 6 miler that Lesley does just to see if the distance was correct ( it is ) but I did it the other way round to make it deliberately hilly. Boy did I feel strong as I covered the 6 miles in 47 minutes. It felt really good.

But I saved the best for last, I was at my mam and dads on Walney on saturday and just set out of the door intending to do anywhere from 6-13 miles. I had a new compression top on under my t-shirt and they are really comfortable ( I recommend them ). I set off at a decent pace through the country lanes down towards the south end in glorious sunshine before turning back into a hailstorm along the beach. I felt really strong and comfortable. I was listening to my mp3 player which is loaded with an ecclectic mix of 80’s tunes ( Flock of seaguls, Falco, Kim Wilde, Depeche Mode etc…) and just loving every minute of it. The hail was hammering into me and it didn’t phase me at all. I then got snowed on as I was running back round the other side of the island. I must have looked like a nutter in my shorts and t-shirt in a blizzard with a huge grin on my face. I finished the 13.1 miles in 1:41:00 without even feeling out of breath, I could have kept going all day. My half marathon pb is only 1:39:23 and whenever I did that ( have ran it twice on 2 different course ) or got close to it I have been knackered and completely spent. On Saturday I didn’t even eat or drink on the run, and I definitely wasn’t pushing it. Its days like that that make running so enjoyable.

I’ve had two recovery swims since then ( last night and this morning ) and tonight I’m meeting Andy for a gentle run. Looking forward to that. I’ve just got to keep this form ticking over for the next 3 weeks until I step onto the course in Hamburg. I can’t wait !!


2 responses to “Growing confidence

  1. Excellent week Andy and our run , as I remember it was 5.2 miles so considering the easy pace and ankle ‘mishaps’ it wasn’t bad run at all.
    Sorry about tonight (mon) but it’s been an absolute grueler of a day and i didn’t get away from Liverpool until 5pm. All ok for tomorrow though!

  2. That .2 makes all the difference….as I’m sure I’ll find out in a couple of weeks.
    Yep looking forward to tonight. I was knackered yesterday as well after work.

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