Tough recovery.

Well after my long run on Monday I was aching a little the next day so I decided to just go for a gentle swim, 50 lengths, nothing daft. Was struggling a bit but I just put that down to my body being kanckered, its suprising how much running 20 miles takes out of you. I read last night in Runners World magazine that after running a marathon it takes approximately 7 days for your muscles to replenish your glycogen stores.

Wednesday morning I was back in the pool swimming 120 lengths, again I was struggling a bit, just put it down to tiredness. I decided to go for a recovery run after work, I ran 3 miles in 28 minutes and the last mile was virtually a crawl, I just had no energy what so ever, my head was willing my legs on but my legs were saying “Sod off!”. I was glad when I’d finished, but it did the job of loosening my legs up because on Thursday morning I didn’t feel as stiff when I swam 120 lengths again.

Em was staying at work a little later on Thursday so I decided to go for a run from work before picking her up. I set off along the A6 towards Garstang and I felt good so I just upped the pace a bit, something I find hard to do when I’m running on my own. I eventually ended up running 7.2 miles in 58.56 which I was pleased with, and at the end of it I felt ok apart from my feet. For the past 5 or 6 years I’ve always ran in asics nimbus shoes, they’ve always been perfect for me. At the moment I run in two different pairs ( version 8 and 9 ), the version 8 is fine ( and I do my long runs in them ) but the version 9 gives me blisters every time I run in them. They are well broken in, bought them in Florida, I wear anti blister socks and lubricate my feet but I always get blisters on the ball of my feet. Looks like I’m going to have to look at a different shoe when I get my next running shoes. The only other thing I could try is tightening up my elastic laces to see if that makes a difference.

I’ve been swimming this morning, just 60 lengths and I’m having a rest tonight. Hopefully swimming tomorrow and maybe about a 13-14 mile run with Lesley, should be fun. Sunday I’m off to the World Track Cycling championships in Manchetser, and after watching the GB team win 3 golds and break 2 world records last night I can’t wait !!


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