Another good week.

Well its been another good week. I’ve been in the pool most mornings and in my lunch hour I managed to fit in 45 minutes of weight training.

Running wise I manged to plod around a 10k training run in under 50 minutes which I was quite pleased with and Friday I met Andy for our usual coastal run. It was good to get out with him again. We’d just set off when it started to snow on us, neither of us had a hat with us and within a few minutes I couldn’t feel my face at all. It then brightened up after we turned round and got out quite warm. We covered the 5 miles in 39:56 which was pretty good as Andy wanted a steady run as he was racing on Sunday at Lakeside in a 10k. ( He had a decent run on what sounds like a very tough offroad four lap course.)

Monday saw me getting up early and going round to meet Lesley for a planned 20 mile run. Her friend Helen was going to tag along for the first 10 miles or so as well. I managed to persuade them to follow a route that would take us round Halton, the crook of Lune, back into town and out along the coastal path to Condor Green and over the hills back to Galgate and home through campus and Hala.

We set off at a decent pace, I just followed the two lasses as I was just tagging along for the ride really. It was a great run and and both of them were running really well, before we knew it we were back besides sainsburies and saying bye to Helen.  Lesley and I headed out along the quayside and onto the coastal path, the sun came out and it was roasting. We got to the 1/2 marathon point in 1:59:32 ( which is about 8 mins faster than Lesleys pb ) and pushed on towards Galgate. Up the hill which was not a welcome sight.

We got onto campus and I needed to go to the Loo, I came out of the loo and just started going again when I twisted my bad ankle. I don’t think Lesley had ever heard me swear so much in all my life. I had to walk for a few yards to try and shake it off, then when I started running again it was a bit sore but eventually it wore off. The last 3 miles from that point were slower because I was scared of doing some damage, and because I was just knackered. And to top it all, the sun went in and it started to snow on us !!

We finished the 20.02 miles in 3:12:48, and that was with a couple of loo stops and walking for my ankle. I think we could have done it in 3 hours, and we’d ran a pretty hilly course. Lesley is going to find running London in under 4:30 no problem at all.

And this morning I’ve been for a recovery swim and jacuzzi, which was nice. looking forward to another good week.


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