From bad to good..

Well after my long run last weekend everything sort of went downhill. I still managed to go swimming on Monday and Tuesday but I didn’t manage to go for a run as I was looking after Em who was off work ill with her asthma. Ok maybe thats an excuse for having a rest but sometimes you have to get your priorities right.

I went swimming on Wednesday morning and really struggled, felt a bit sick and my stomach was off. So a sensible person wouldn’t have gone for a run that night, guess what I did ? I was really struggling but was determined to try and get 10-11 miles in. I got to 6 miles and had to stop to throw up, and then just made it back before dashing to the loo. I had awful stomach cramps, I went home and went to bed. I had a rough night and had to take the day off work on Thursday. I went back in on Friday as I was working on saturday and had to get the keys, didn’t feel brilliant but I made it through the day.

Saturday before work I went for a gentle swim just to see how I felt, I managed my planned 60 lengths ( 800m ) and felt ok.

Sunday morning I set out at 7:45 am for a long run, having made the mistake of not carrying any fluid last week, I had my bottle belt on and 750ml of SIS GO ready. My fueling strategy would be to drink every 3 miles, and this seemed to work quite well for me. The Runners World schedule that I’ve been loosely following said that the run was to be slow, so it was. I headed out through Hala, up through campus and out past Galgate. along the A6 to Garstang and back. I managed to cover a distance of 21 miles in 3:20:43.

I was pleased with my run and my legs don’t feel too bad today, the ached yesterday for a good few hours afterwards. I’ve been for an 800m swim this morning and more importantly a jacuzzi, with the jets aimed at my quads which took the brunt of yesterdays miles.

So what started out as a bad week certainly got better, and most importantly Em is well on the way to recovering.


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