Upping the distance…

The latter half of the week saw me upping the distance in the pool and on the road after hopefully shaking off the last of my virus.

On Thursday I hit the pool twice, swimming 3000m ( 200 lengths ) in the morning in 56 minutes, and then after work I went swimming again with Em. That time I swam 1500m at a leisurely 30 min pace. Then the best bit I chilled out in the jacuzzi.

Friday morning I was in the pool at 7am again swimming another 3000m, although this time I was two minutes slower than the day before, still good though that I’m feeling comfortable when I’m finishing. Last year at the steelman I swam 2000m in 50 minutes and felt dizzy and sick when I left the lake and felt backwards into it…….so I’ve definitely improved !!

Saturday we went up the lakes with my mam and dad, Keswick and Ambleside. Great day out and I did some serious drooling over the carbon bikes in the shop at Ambleside……oh well I can dream. We got back at 5;30 and I decided to head out for my long run as the forecast for Sunday was horrendous. Got all my winter gear on and plugged into my mp3 player, got a great playlist of about 150 songs from the 80’s – kept me going.

Headed out along the beach and ended up running three loops around the island. I got battered by the wind and by the third lap I cut the run along Biggar Bank short and headed in land because the wind coming off the Irish Sea was impossible to run in. I was running well and was consiously trying to run steady, easy and comfortable. I took a gel at 10 miles and felt comfortable.

I had planned to do 20 miles if I felt ok ( bearing in mind I’d suffered with a virus this week ) but by 17 miles I started to run out of steam, all I could think about was water, I was starting to day dream about water, how good it would taste. I gulped down another gel but 200m later I came to a complete stop. My brain told my legs to stop before I fell over. I’d done 18 miles and was on the corner of Black Butts lane about 200m from home, I got my breath and just jogged home. Next week when I go long I’ll be carrying water with me, I’m sure IF I’d hydrated properly I would have been fine. It won’t be a mistake I make again.

Considering I was running steady I was really pleased with 18.2 miles in  2:33:15 at an avaerage HR of 151. I think that probably equates to about a 3:55 marathon…..and I would be pleased with that in Hamburg, hopefully though I can improve on it.

My legs seem to have recovered well, rested on sunday and so far today I’ve done a gentle recovery swim of 800m just to loosen up the legs, and then got the jacuzzi jets on them. Hopefully get about 4 miles recovery run in tonight, depends on the weather.


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