Confidence growing…

Its been a decent week training wise despite having a bit of a cold. My ankle is still holding up well and I’ve been swimming most days, nothing too fast. It looks like I might just edge the top of the leaderboard for swimming this month as I went on both Saturday and Sunday and my nearest rival didn’t.

Got a few decent runs in since my last post, notably Thursday night with Andy. We got battered as we did our usual 6 miles along the coastal path, but the last mile was ran in an impressive 7:03. So maybe I haven’t lost too much fitness with this bloody foot injury. I just need to work on my distance and stamina now. I did a bit of that on Sunday, met Andy in the morning and we headed out along the canal and then through Halton and into the Crook of Lune before turning back along the Millenium path under the M6 and back over the aquaduct into Lancaster. It was steady nine miles in 1:20. Poor Andy was suffering with his sinuses and had to stop a few times, hopefully he’ll get sorted when he goes to the docs on Friday. Later that night I met my apprentice for a 1.5 mile run, not been out with her for a while and I was very impressed with how she had improved, she was running much more fluidly. Unfortunately the cold damp air was playing havoc with her asthma, but that also just shows that when her chest is fine she’ll run even better. After the run I headed to the pool with Em and relaxed by swimming  1200m and then watching the stars in the outdoor hot tub – bliss.

I biked to and from work on Monday, and swam and gave myself the day off yesterday as my throat was a bit sore. Felt better this morning so I ran for 55 minutes and then swam  900m, sat here feeling all refreshed now… won’t last.

Going to run home tonight. I’m starting to feel a little bit more confident about my running again.


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