Well the good news is….

I’m back running, well you can only call it running in the loosest possible terms. My speed at the moment makes the Ironman shuffle look like a sprint. I’ve ran 15 miles so far this week and I just don’t seem to have any energy. My mind is willing my legs to go faster but they just aren’t responding. Last night I ran four miles in 4o minutes, I don’t think I’ve ever ran an average of 10 minute miling before…..mind you I’ve got a bit of a cold and I suppose I’m still weary of hurting my foot. Although the good news is it seems ok.

I need to hopefully improve tonight as I’m meeting Andy who ran a hilly 10k at the weekend in 43 minutes, judging by last nights form he’d be two miles ahead of me !!

I’ve been swimming every day this week and averaging between 33 and 37 minutes for 1800m but even that has felt like a struggle, usually it feels easy.

On a positive note I got a new mountain bike on Tuesday and although I put the handle bars on the wrong way round to start with, its now working fine. Really nice bike, went to work and back on it yesterday and it felt really weird being on a mountain bike after only riding a road bike for the last 12 months. It was freezing yesterday and I’d forgotton my windproof bike gloves, I couldn’t feel my fingers after about a mile. It took me ten lengths in a warm pool before I could actually feel them again. So yesterday I swam 1800m, cycled 7 miles and ran 4 miles…..maybe my legs suffered on the run because I was riding a new bike, new postion etc….or maybe I’m just struggling at the moment.

Hopefully things can only get better.


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