What a difference a day makes…

I ventured back to the pool on Wednesday morning having been ordered not to swim by Em as I’d had a stomach bug and “looked awful and pale”. I was worried that two days away from the pool would have meant that I would have slipped down the leaderboard but thankfully I haven’t.

So as soon as I’d done a couple of lengths on Wednesday morning I knew it was going to be one of those days where I was going to struggle. I just had no energy and I was swimming like I used to with no thrust or co-ordination, bloody hell was it hard work. I managed in the end to get to the end of my 120 lengths ( 1800m ) just about in one piece in just over 43 minutes. At the begining of the year I would have been pleased with that.

Thursday morning was the complete polar opposite, I didn’t feel brilliant heading for the pool and thought I’d be in for another struggle, it couldn’t have been further from the truth. As soon as I kicked off from the side of the pool I felt great, everything was fluid and powerful and I glided through the water feeling like it was easy. I think last week on this blog I said I’d like to go under 30 minutes by summer after I’d swam 32 minutes, well been there done that…..didn’t buy the t-shirt though.  I finished my 1800m swim in 29:58 and I’m over the moon with that. Keep this going for the next 18 months and I could be on for a pb swim at my next ironman, hope so.

I was back in the pool this morning as well and covered the distance in 34:58, my arms were aching a bit today and I think I’m getting a cold….but still enjoyed it.

I haven’t ran all week because my foot has been sore, my mam suggested I change my shoes to my elastic lace trainers and I’ve had no pain since. My mam had the theory that my work shoes were pressing on the bruise and causing the pain. She was right….she has always told me I shouls listen to her…ha ha.

 So hopefully going to go out this weekend and have a good run.


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