Getting faster

Well it was a slightly mixed end to the week and start to this one – not feeling too good today with a dodgy stomach and my foot is aching… consequently I didn’t train at all yesterday and I didn’t go swimming this morning.

I swam on Thursday and Friday and recorded my two fastest times over 1800m, 32:20 and 33:16. I’m very pleased with both of those times…and I seem to be improving all the time. I swam 9000m last week.

Saturday morning I missed swimming as I’d been out at a birthday do until about 1am. I’d arranged to meet Andy and his son Gareth for about an 8 miler. The phone went at 9am and it was Andy to say he was ill with a stomach bug and would I be ok to still run with Gareth. Yep sounded good….I was a little worried though because he’s pretty fast. Thankfully after initially joking that we’d do the 8 miles in about 45 minutes ( which saw me heading back to the car ) he took it easy on me. It was a glorious morning and we ran along discussing upcoming races etc… He’s doing an aquathon next week and the Bath half in a couple of weeks. We couldn’t get a full 8 miles in because the last half of the costal path was under water. He kept a pretty even pace of around 7:15 – 7:30 per mile which is the fastest I’ve ran for a while, and it felt comfy. Andy met us for the last mile on his bike from Glasson to Thurnham and the pace picked up. The last mile was covered in 6:50. We completed the 7.6 miles in 59:15 which I was very pleased with. So another 22 mile week for me.

Just hope now I can build on it and shake off this bug and hope that my foot stops hurting, its still bruised and I now have a blood blister on the ball of that foot as well. Who says running is good for you?

A couple of other notes this week about people and injuries. My cousin Mike got the plastic cast off his achilles and has been given the all clear to start a structured recovery programme which should see him running again in about 3 months. Thats great news after over 3 hellish years for him. Good Luck Mike.

Lesley found out on Thursday that she’d injured her achilles when she went for physio. She’s been told to swim and use a bike to try and recover in time for London in 8 weeks. So I took my bike and turbo round and set it up in her living room for her. Its about 20 years since she was last on a bike so it could be fun. So Anyways good luck to Lesley as she battles back to racing fitness.

Hopefully I’ll get some training done tomorow.


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