Pool Rage.

Pool Rage is a bit like road rage I suppose, you swear at people when they cut you up. I was swimming along this morning close to the edge of the pool, we are talking about 20-30cm between my legs and the wall. I’m about 40 lengths in and finding my rythym quite well when some numpty decides to come and swim between me and the wall. After a few head on crashes, me swimming over him, and one “very accidental high elbow” to the side of his head he decided to go and swim in the rest of the pool that was half empty. Pillock !! Well why the hell should I have moved ?Oh well all good practice for the coming tri swim battle royals !!

Anyways I discovered the other night that I’d miscalculated on my swimming distances. 120 lengths x 15m isn’t a mile which I thought, its actually 1800m, so I’ve been swimming 200m more than a mile ! Doh !! And 250 x 15m is 3750m, which has been my last two saturday swims.But it means I’m swimming even better than I thought. I’ve swam 1800m every morning this week so far.

Also I made it onto the leader board at the pool for January, I attended 8 times and swam over a thousand lengths, the 3rd most. At the moment I’m on the way to finishing February as the leader.

Had a great run on Monday night as I plodded out 10 miles round Galgate and Hala, including Hala hill which is just nasty. I was pleased to get some distance in my legs and my ankle felt fine. I was hanging on a bit at the end but I completed the run in 1:26:50 at an average HR of 162.

So when I met Andy last night I thought I’d struggle because I’d had a long run the night before and I had a nasty blood blister on the ball of my right foot. Andy gave me a blister plaster and I never felt it, I need to buy some more as I’ve ran out. Andy also felt we’d be plodding as he’d had tough spinning class the night before.  However we were soon into our running and we seemed to be gliding along in between our headtorch beams. The lower part of the coastal path is still flooded so we just covered 5 miles, the good news was that we were 3 minutes faster than saturday when we finished in 40: 38.

So its been a good training week so far…..wonder if my numpty friend will be back in the pool tomorrow ?


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