Good week for a comeback..

Well considering I only started running again last Sunday morning I’ve not had a bad weeks training really. I’ve swam 7.2 miles and ran ran 22.5 miles, which I’m very pleased with. My ankle feels fine and although the fitness is lacking when I’m running I’m confident that I can build up my stamina this month and in March ahead of Hamburg. I’m really pleased with my swimming, it’s really starting to feel natural, granted I’m never going to be fast but maybe just maybe I won’t be left floundering off the back off the pack in races anymore…..mind you still a lot of hard work to do there.

I rounded off my week on Saturday with a 2.2 mile swim at 7:30am, again I felt really comfortable and just took my time. I did it in 1:28. Straight afterwards I drove down to Thurnham to meet Andy for a 5 mile run. It was good to catch up with him after almost a month without a run together because of injury and work commitments. It was icy cold and very wet but the snow that greated me when I left the house earlier had all melted away. We did the 5 miles in 43 minutes which is about 3 minutes faster than I’d been running this week so all in all it was a good finish to the week.

Sunday I had a rest day….well I spent the afternoon putting shelves together….which was probably harder than training !


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