Loving the swimming.

Regular readers of my ramblings on this blog will be well aware that me and swimming have rarely been the best of friends, what with headaches, hospitalisation and general crapness. However I’ve kinda got the bit between my teeth because at our gym they have a monthly competition to see who attends the pool the most and who swims the greatest distance. In an effort to get fit I thought I’d try and get on the leader board. So for the past two weeks I’ve been in the pool at 7am swimming a mile, I’ve been there everyday this week. I may scrape on the leader board for January, but I’ve missed most of it….I’ll be on it in February though.

At the begining of the week I was swimming 46:34 minutes for a mile ( 120 lengths of our pool ). And as the week has gone on I’ve improved Tuesday : 41:43 and 40:22 on Wednesday.  So today I set off with the intention of dipping under 40 minutes. Everything felt good, held my stomach tight and glided through the water, powerful stroke, good kick and my breathing was spot on….it was just one of those near perfect sessions where everything goes right and as a result I amazed myself with a time of 34:58. WOW am I pleased with that. Sub 30 by summer ? Well lets just see eh.

The other good news this week is that I’ve managed two more runs and my foot feels fine. I got out for a hilly 5 miles on Monday night in 46 minutes and last night I braved the horrendous winds and driving sleight to cover 7.5 miles in 1:08. I know its not fast but its “time on my feet” as Andy would say…and hey its running….and boy have I missed it.


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